Palestine: The Israelis want to take Gaza land

All of us know today that the stupid Israeli people have been bombing Gaza still after the January massacre. This article Incha Allah will talk of the Israeli crimes in Gaza. First of all, they want to take Gaza land… To set things straight, I must say that we must boycot Israeli products and we must not forget who are the friends of Israel, including Coca Cola, Disney, Carefour, Marks & Spenser, Mc Donalds and many more popular brands. Many of these brands were the brands that I did not mind supporting but after the Israeli crimes in Gaza, I feel these should be boycotted. I do like the clothing styles of Mark & Spenser but if they do not get my money and your money, maybe they will think that Israel is not worth it. I do like the food at Mc Donalds and other outlets, but then they support Israel in its crimes. That is bad and they should stop it. Now I am boycotting all of these brands because it is a sacrifice that we must make. Oh, I hope the Sims products are not pro-Israeli and are not really made by Jews. I do not hate the Jewish commuity but they are too much! They are the villains in the entire story. I feel pity for them in a way since they are so abusive. The world will surely face the rough action of the Jews again and believe me, they surely would want to take China too but then China is too hard a nut for them and China will surely roll its powers against Israel. Why I am writing this? Because China is a powerful state and it can make the difference. If you think the powerful American will keep the Jewish Israelis in check, then I would say no, no, no you are wrong. They already have America in their control, they control its economy and its money and they have all the freedom to do what they want in America. The Jews took over America a long time ago! They dominate the America people with Credit Card interests which are at the lowest a 30% charge for the American card users and it is even more now. While writing this story, I get carried away with emotions. This article was supposed to be on Gaza but it turns out to be on Jews and their domination. The Jews do not care about other people’s life but the Gaza people are those who are supposed to be reading the Quraan and pray 5 times a day, yet they get bullied and killed just like that by the Jews. Muslims are supposed to be able to ‘doa’ to ask Allah to make the Jews stop the wars and help the ‘Insan’ establish peace on earth, peace a mission that is yet to be accomplished. It has never been accomplished even from the time of the hippies who sang ‘Give Peace a chance’ in the 60’s and 70’s. We must pray 5 times a day and ask for pardon from Allah and be good Muslims. We must ask help from Allah that there’s peace and no wars and make the Jews stop the wars because they can start bombing Gaza again anytime. The Israelis are growing too powerful and they may also want to take many other places where oil is in huge reserve. Can anyone stop them from doing that? I guess no. They can flatten other countries too if they want and much cannot be done about that. Another issue that is growing here is that of raising money for Palestine. I wonder how much of the money that was raised goes to Gaza and how does that help the Gaza people is more important. I heard some stories that a lot of the money is used for other purposes and that made me so angry. I thought all the money should go to the Gaza people, right. Actually, I saw some pictures of Gaza city on the Internet and I can say it was a beautiful city with lots of buildings and even tall buildings. It was in development. I understand now why Israel had to flatten the city and by doing so, it shows that Gaza is a ghost city and it can easily be taken by the Israelis. That was so gross of them! I do not know how the Gaza people are going to rebuild their city but I think they can do it and will have to do it. Hope that the money sent to Gaza is for rebuilding too. The Jews want land that is what they tried to do though they have no business in Gaza. So rebuild Gaza and that will stop the Jews from thinking they can take Gaza from the Palestinians. The world has seen who is the bad guy now, the Jews and Israel and that should be enough for the Muslims to think before they buy Jewish made products. The main thing to do yet is to pray to Allah that the Jews stop the wars and that we all can restore peace on this earth. This is my article regarding Gaza and wow, this is one of the longest articles I wrote so far. By the way, on the 5th of May 2009, we must get ready for the NATO and Its Policies in Asia conference. And do not forget, every month I will post an article on TRAINS! Asir Husain is a Young Malaysian writer, aged 12 and schooling at the SKTK Ampang, Selangor.


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  1. July 11, 2009 at 9:41 am

    U know i have more articles right?? tkns for putting 2 of my articles. lol!!!!

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