Manohara sparks Malaysia-Indonesia cyber war


The alleged rough treatment of an Indonesian model by a Malaysian royalty has sparked a cyber war between Malaysian and Indonesian hackers, spreading into Yahoo Messenger (YM) and attacking several Malaysian based websites.

The Indonesian hackers were first to start attacking Malaysian websites such as amssolution.com.my, aspati.com.my, hkl.gov.my, carihouse.com, and uumtvchannel.com.my. These websites were hacked into with a message saying it is from ‘Gembel Cyber’.

In one TV website in Malaysia, the hacker left a picture of the Malaysian flag with a Skull on top. It may signify death but in the hacking jargon it also means ‘I got you’ and now I own your site, said an expert to WFOL.tv.

In return to these attacks, an Indonesian website has posted information saying Indonesian Yahoo Messenger users will be attacked today by Malaysian hackers. It also gave the full detail of the information that could lead to the hacking of Yahoo Messenger user’s accounts from Malaysia.


The word ‘Maling’ also appears on some websites hacked by Indonesian hackers. Maling is used by Indonesians attacking Malaysian on the internet by calling Malaysia ‘Malingsia’. It translates into ‘cheat’ and has been the battle cry of Indonesian workers who suffered attacks in the country by the civil volunteer force ‘Rela’ and the local police.

The drama that has held almost all Indonesia on the brink of latest news regarding their sweetheart model of French-Indonesian origin Manohara Odelia Pinot has indeed grabbed the attention of ministers, political leaders and rights movements including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia.

While in Malaysia the issue was toned down to a non-event with most people not knowing the unfolding drama until local websites started to write about the events, the government of the country said null and remained silent about Manohara and her alleged ordeal.

Most of the attacked websites had this message:

Dedicated To : Manohara Odelia Pinot
Kami Tidak Rela (We do not accept)
Wanita INDONESIA (Indonesian Women)
Disekap Dan Dianiaya Oleh Kalian..!! (Are mistreated by Malaysians)

Malaysia is also under attack on most of Indonesia’s popular blogs for the silence that it observed regarding the case of Manohara Pinot, married to the Kelantan prince ‘Tengku’ Muhammad Fakhry. Some blogs had at least 1600 anti-Malaysian messages. One important factor in the affair regarding Manohara is that her mother’s popularity has dipped together for allow her to marry the Malaysian prince at the age of 16.5. She is being thoroughly condemned even by doctors for that matter.


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