Message to the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia by Asir Husain


I am writing this message to the 6th Prime Minister of our country, Malaysia. Mr Najib Tun Razak is the 6th PM and I say congratulations to him. But people are always complaining about him. I don’t know why there is so much complaints. Maybe we must let him work first then complain!

First of all, my name is Asir Husain Kazi Mahmood, I am 12 years old this month and I am going to the Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Kosas, Ampang, or SKTK. I am a ‘Prefect’ at the school. This message is to the Prime Minister and I think I will be the first school kid to write a message to the Prime Minister, at least to the new Prime Minister.

My message is that the PM must take the chance to make Malaysia more supportive of other races and faiths. Malaysia is made of many races and this multi-racial state must be cared for. A Prime Minister must, like my father says, cement the multi-racial thing in such a country.

More facilities must be given to the non-Malays and the non-Muslims. Equal chances to everyone says my mother (who is Malay) and my father (who is Muslim) and I support this.

More chances must be given to the ‘foreigners’ who are married to locals and the best example is my own father who is living here for 18 long years. He has to struggle to make a living because the country’s system does not allow him to earn a living. There are too many laws, rules and other stuffs that prevent ‘foreign’ fathers and mothers from feeding their Malaysian families, children and so on. This is not fair, this is not right. Prime Minister Najib has to end the system that is unfair.

The system is also unfair since it divides the Muslims among ‘bumi’ and non-bumi and that is why my father calls us non-bumi Muslims the ‘Angkasaputra’s and Angkasaputri’s’ and am glad about that since we really come from ‘space’. We are the sons and daughters of Nabi Adam AlayhisSalaam and we are not ‘earthlings’. Prime Minister you have the chance to end this unfair system too. Why is that so? The system tend to force the foreign parents to be ‘poor’ and this means the Malaysian families, children and wives or husbands who are locals will also be poor!

I will say the Perdana Menteri will get my support if he changes this country. Barack Obama has been elected President of America because the people believe there is need for change in America itself and others – non-whites – must get equal chance. That is my message, a message for ‘change’ in Malaysia. Thanks Prime Minister.


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