Islam calls for professionalism, says scholar

JEDDAH: Islamic teachings emphasize the importance of professionalism, and Muslims should carry out their activities in a planned and professional manner, said Nabeel Al-Azami, HR adviser to Ford Motor Company in London.

“Honesty and trustworthiness are the first quality of a successful professional,” he said quoting a study on prominent business leaders. He added that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was known as Al-Ameen (trustworthy) and that this was one of the main reasons for his success.

Al-Azami made this comment while delivering a lecture on “Islam and Professionalism” organized by Al-Islam Group here recently. He urged Islamic movements to induct more professionals into their leadership in order to run them efficiently.

He advised Muslim organizations not to waste their time worrying about the huge obstacles they face. “Instead they should think about how to overcome such challenges and make their surroundings favorable,” he said.

Every Muslim should think what he or she can contribute to the progress of the Ummah. “We Muslims should be agents of change in our societies. We should have a plan for future and work hard to realize it,” he added.

Keeping time and following traffic regulations are some of the features of a decent and disciplined society. “The GMT is now elaborated as Generous Muslim Time,” he said, ridiculing Muslims for failure in time management.

Earlier, Abdul Mateen Osmani, director of Al-Islam Group, briefed the audience on the history and achievements of his organization in Islamic propagation. Mustafa Khan welcomed the guests. Those who wish to acquire DVDs of the presentation can do so by contacting 0508604182 in Saudi Arabia.


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