Manohara affair: Mother accused of damaging Kelantan Royal name


The mother of Manohara Odelia, the Indonesian beauty married to the Kelantan (Malaysian) prince is accused by the Royal family of dirtying and damaging their name.

Daisy Fajarina, accused by the Kelantan Royal family, has been reported to the ‘rightful’ authorities by representatives of the family said news reports from Indonesia. There is a total black out of news in the Malaysian press which is under the order not to report anything ‘bad’ about the Kelantan royal family.

However, the mother of Manohara, Daisy Fajarina said while being interviewed from her lavish home in Jakarta Barat, that the world should realize who did the wrong things and acted wrongfully first before accusing her of bringing the bad name to the Kelantanese Royal family.

She said she has been very patient so far while waiting for news regarding her daughter and still have hopes that the whole affair will be settled amicably. She added that she had to use the media in Indonesia and elsewhere in order to make her pleas heard since she was mistreated and her demands to see her daughter turned down several times since 2006. (read 2008 instead of 2006 – Admin).

“I am just asking for the rights of Manohara to be recognized as a wife, a human being and as my daughter,” she told the Indonesian media.

Malaysian blogs and other websites too have stopped reporting on the Manohara Odelia Pinot affair that made much noise in Indonesia.  It is also reported that Malaysians are not happy with the turn of events in the Manohara affair, accusing Indonesia of pushing the issue too far and stating that the problems between the two families were only a matter of privacy.

It is surprising though that local newspapers and blogs/websites has blacked out the stories regarding Manohara since Malaysia is no stranger to stories of gossips and rumors.

“Maybe if this happens to other people’s children, to them, then they would have called upon the CNN and others to complain since they have money,

“I am not afraid of the news of being reported to the Malaysian authorities since it is my love for my daughter that speaks,” she said.

“And I will keep talking and asking until Manohara is back,” said the mother, firm in her stance despite being hunted down to remain silent by some quarters.

In Indonesia however, the issue is becoming more difficult to keep under the cover with the people, the artists and politicians as well as Islamic religious figures commenting against the way Manohara has been treated allegedly by the Royal family.

Manohara is said to be living ‘locked’ in the Palace, unable to talk to her family and not allowed to pick the phone to speak to her friends, even lady friends let alone her own sister. The Royal palace did nothing to clarify the situation and remained silent to accusations that the Indonesian teen of 17 years of age was slashed in her breast by a razor while at the Palace.

The mother of Manohara said the Kelantan palace will be ‘shamed’ by what it has done to her daughter. “They are the ones who tried to dirty my name, by paying people. I cannot prove anything since the people they paid to dirty my name are Indonesian themselves,” she said perhaps pointing to some Indonesian politicians and civil servants who did not want to entertain the issue.

“If anyone is to go to jail for this, it is the Indonesians that the palace has bought and the palace will be laughing out loud when this happens since they will say how easy it is to buy over ‘Indonesians’,” added the mother as reported by kapanlagi.com.


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