Manohara Odelia Story – Do not call me your property


A letter purportedly written by Manohara Odelia Pinot, the Indonesian-French beauty and model married to Kelantan Prince Muhammad Fakhry, was released by Daisy Fajarina to a radio station that interviewed here. In the letter, Manohara is supposedly said to have written to the husband not to refer to her as ‘his property’ and said little respect has been showed to her.

The letter, dated 2008, did not prove that Manohara had trouble in her marriage in the present time but suggests that problems started in 2008 and is still ongoing.

. “I wanted you because I love you, and I thought you love me. But you have shown me very little respect.”

If I am your wife and partner. Do not ever again refer to me as your property. You have paid nothing for me. You have kept none of your promises.

Daisy Fajarina is also accused by the Kelantan family of having asked with persistence that her son in law, the prince of Kelantan, pays her a sum of RM600,000. The report from a close ally to the Royal family in Kelantan published by Malaysiakini.com did not mention when this demand was made. It is suggested that the demand for such a sum of money was made after the ‘Nikah’ or marriage of Manohara with the prince.

Moh Soberi Shafii explained to Malaysiakini.com that Daisy Fajarina had screamed and made a scene in the house of prince Fakhry, claiming the money and stating the deal the money had to be paid after Manohara gets married to the prince. The prince is said, according to Moh Soberi Shafii, to have brought half the amount requested by Daisy. It is also not known if the money to be paid by the prince to the family of Monohara was agreed between them before the ‘nikah’.

On the other hand, Moh Soberi Shafii tried to explain that Manohara was not kidnapped in Jeddah during the ‘Umrah’ exercise (or mini Haj pilgrimage) of her family in Saudi Arabia. “The driver failed to understand and brought her to the jet and once the jet door was closed, it could not be opened again,” suggested Shafii.

In Indonesia, the statements by Moh Soberi Shafii is said to be an attempt to dilute the fact that Daisy Fajarina has actually drawn too much attention and has in fact succeed to drag the name of the Royal family in public. Shafii’s attempt is a pure public relation exercise, however late and lame it seems, to present the case of the Kelantan Royal family in a different version.

In Jakarta, the sentiment is that Tengku Fakhry is just putting his wife forward in a show of force to indicate that everything is fine in his marriage with the Indonesian model. Most of the people in the streets, café’s and in private believe there is something fishy going on in the marriage between the prince and the model.


1 Response to “Manohara Odelia Story – Do not call me your property”

  1. 1 De Stickere
    May 8, 2009 at 5:31 pm

    My husband and I stayed in Kota Bahru from March 26 till 30 this year and as special guest of Tourism Malaysian we had the pleasure of meeting Manohara and her husband practically every day (both on formal and informal occasions) As Belgian nationals, living in France, we had long conversations in French with Manohara (both in the presence of her husband and also without him being around) and NEVER did she mention any problem whatsoever. On the contrary both young people seemed very happy and enjoying each other company as newly weds would do.

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