The Manohara case: Malaysians targeted in ‘sweeping’


The mother of Manohara Pinot, the Indonesian beauty married to the Kelantan Prince is willing to sell her body parts to free her daughter from the marriage while 100’s of activists belonging to the Laskar Merah Putih (LMP) in Jakarta are going to carry out an anti-Malaysian sweep in the capital City.

Eddy Hartawan, the head of the LMP invited hudreds of supporters to express their dissatisfaction over the handling of the Manohara Pinot case and to support the mother of the model, Daisy Fajarina. The LMP also want the United Nations’ offices in Jakarta to enter the fray of the debate on what really happened to Manohara in Kelantan.

“Daisy was fighting alone but now she has the soldiers of the LMP to fight alongside her,” said the leader Eddy, who added that it was the duty of his group to support a local, an Indonesian who is fighting for her daughter to be ‘released’ from the Kelantan Royal family.

The issue transpiring around Manohara, who has remained silent since the story of her alleged mistreatment became public thanks to the mother’s numerous press conferences and press statements issued in Indonesia, remains a high priority and a popular one in Indonesia.


From the province of Riau to Jakarta and Kalimantan, the newspapers are filled with stories of what could have happened to Manohara and this despite the official declarations by the Kelantan Palace in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia.

Eddy called for the boycott of Malaysian products imported by Indonesia and suggested that a ‘sweeping’ of Malaysian nationals living in Jakarta, targeting mostly tourists travelling to the great city, to be forced to return to Malaysia.

“We will have a sweeping of Malaysian citizens who are in Indonesia. If necessary, we will launch a boycott campaign of Malaysian products too,” said Eddy.

“Malaysia is treating our people like the small people that can be bullied.Thus we need to take action and we will struggle for as long as it is necessary to get the answers that we all want regarding Manohara,” he said.

“We will do the sweeping all over Indonesia and all our members across the country will participate,” he told the local press.

On the other hand, vice-Presidential candidate General Wiranto is said to have given his full support to the mother of Manohara to get her child out of Kelantan and back to Indonesia. It is also learnt that a few hundred of Wiranto’s aides and supporters together are willing to start a campaign of sensibilitzation on the issue of Manohara’s situation in the Kelantan Palace.

Manohara is married to a Prince from Kelantan Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Petra when she was 15 and half years old, an age considered too young to be married even in Indonesia. Manohara is a very popular figure in Indonesia, admitted in all the high class society events and always seen with the rich and famous in the country.

It is rumored that she married the prince without the accord of her mother who later blamed the prince for having taken the virginity of the young girl. “That was the reason why she had to marry him,” Daisy had earlier said in one of her numerous interviews to the Indonesian press.


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