Manohara’s bleeding breasts, great flight out of the coo coo’s nest


The Indonesian beauty Manohara Pinot escaped the tight security around her and flew home to Indonesia, free and happy into her mother’s arm in a real dramatic story with a fish tail’s end. She revealed a strange story of being given shots to calm her and of her bleeding breast.
“I was not treated well. It is all true. All that has been said about me and the way I was treated,” said Manohara.

“There’s enough proof that all the pain and miseries I went through is true,” added the freed daughter of Daisy Fajarina.

“Regarding the car and the apartment that was said to have been given by the Royal family, it is all untrue,” she said when asked by the local press to explain on the rift between her family and the Kelantan royals.

She added that she refused to have any sexual relationship with the ‘husband’ who is Prince Fackry of the Kelantan Royal family but she gave up fighting due to her being weak. She was given shots – she did not clarify whether it was drugs or some medication to force her to sleep – and when she woke up, she noticed that her breasts were always bleeding.
She said that almost every night she had to go through such treatments and the bleeding never stopped.

“He is not like a husband. He did all that to me with such ease (all the distress and mistreatment). I was only a ‘toy’ to him,” she added.

Manohara was to stay put at Singapore, accompanying the Prince who was visiting his sick father, the Sultan of Kelantan. Upon hearing that her mother will be at Singapore to see her, she decided to execute a daring plan to attract the attention of the Singapore police.

She locked herself in a lift on the third floor of the Royal Palace Hotel and pressed the ‘emergency’ bell to attract the attention of the people and the police, which she did successfully. A brawl between the body guards of the Prince and the local police took place after Manohara was freed from the lift.

“Kalau saya tidak dibebaskan, Tengku akan ditahan,” ujar Mano.

Manohara said if she was not freed, the prince would have been arrestby the Singaporean police for using force against her

Manohara’s mother said she was the first to reach her daughter while a doctor was attempting at giving a shot of drugs to her daughter. It was 2 am in the morning when an Indonesian lady told her that her daughter was in a struggle with some people on the 3rd floor.

“When I reached the third floor, I saw a doctor giving a shot at my daughter and I pushed him away and hugged my daughter tight, never to let go of her,” she said with emotion running through her eyes.

At that moment, the prince was angry and shouted like a small kid who had just lost his ‘toy’ recalled Mahohara.

“And I will not go back to him, not again,” she said.


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