Manohara: Tengku is no more than a psychopath



Lambasting her husband for the rough and at ‘time’s inhuman treatment’ according to her own words, Manohara Pinot the Indonesian beauty queen said the Prince is no more than a psychopath.
In a statement that could destroy her relationship with the prince and possibly end her marriage deal, Manohara added that she was threatened everyday and feared for her life. “He would do anything for his pleasure. He became very different from the first time I met him,” she said to the Indonesian press on Monday.
“After the first minute of the marriage solemnization, he quickly changed into a psychopath. It was true that he wanted to separate me from my mother,” she added.


“Every time I get moody he will say that ‘I love you’ and if I do not reply to him, he will make women’s voice and reply to himself ‘I love you too’,” she said.
In order to protect herself, she said she found time to sleep for at least 4 hours per day in order to evict being caught in bed by the prince. “I was afraid he would drug me again and again in order to force me to have sex when I did not want to do that always,” she said.
“I could only cry and cry but I always prayed that this will end. If there was no help from Allah and my mom did not make so much noise, I would have killed myself,” said the woman who has gained some weight since she last visited Jakarta.
Manohara has grown into a political asset for the Presidential campaigners in the upcoming presidential elections in Indonesia. Presidential candidate Jusuf Kalla is set to have a meeting with Manohara to ensure that Indonesia take up the case against the Kelantan Royal family and demand compensation for the ‘unfair’ and rough treatment the much beloved young lady suffered at the hands of her husband, says the Indonesian press.

The vice-presidential candidate Boedino who is teamed with President Yudhiyono said he was certain the Indonesian Department of Foreign Affairs did everything to help Manohara in the ordeal.
Indonesian opposition politicians criticized the President and his government for ‘abandoning’ the beautiful woman at the hands of the Kelantan authorities (Royal palace) and in the hands of Malaysia without doing anything, said the press.


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