Manohara medical report: Serious marks of abuses – with More PHOTOS


The report on Manohara’s medical check up shows that the beauty princess body has marks on the butts, the breasts, the laps and so on.

“Luka di punggung Manohara masih terlihat berbentuk titik, bisa disebabkan karena suntikan. Juga ada bekas luka bakar sundutan rokok,” lanjut Dr Mun’im.

In the midst of the release of the report of the test carried out on Tuesday by Manohara, the Kelantan Royal family is said to be relaxed and to have taken the news of the police report against their son Tengku Fakhri in good mood.

The doctor in Indonesia is now urging for the blood and the urine of Manohara to be tested to locate what drugs or substances were used on her.

The examination also showed that she was sexually abused in the sense that some ‘rough’ sexual activities wree performed on her to the extent that her vagina shows traces of tearing. It is said she was slashed on her body with a sharp object, most probably a knife.

Some of the pictures shows she was burnt by cigarette while other photographs, which will be used as evidence in the eventual case of abuse against the husband, shows cutting marks and other manhandling marks on her hand, lap, leg and butts.



Manohara had claimed she was drugged and the mother of Manohara did describe that she thought she saw a doctor attempting at injecting her daughter with some substances at the Singapore hotel where Manohara was staying.

She reported the top members of the Kelantan Royal family as being part of a ‘plot’ to abuse her, dismiss her as a ‘sex’ toy and for allowing her to be drugged by her husband in order for him to have sex with her.

The Sultan, the Permaisuri, Fakhry and his spokesperson Soberi are among the people accused by Manohara in her police report. ‘

Here’s a detailed report of her first Press Conference after she flew out of the coo coo’s nest on June 1st from Singapore:

On Sunday, 31 May 2009 Manohara escaped Kelantan Sultan’s authority in Singapore and returned to Indonesia with her mother.

Manohara and Kelantan royal family were in Singapore to accompany Sultan of Kelantan as he sought medical treatment there. Daisy Fajarina was in Singapore to meet her daughter, and Manohara called her to tell her the name of hotel where she was staying.

When Manohara tried to escape the hotel, Kelantan bodyguards attempted to stop her on 3rd floor where the Sultan was staying. In distress, Manohara pressed the elevator emergency button to attract the attention of hotel security and the local authorities.

Noticing the CCTV (security cameras) in the elevator and the hotel corridor, Kelantan bodyguards withheld the use of force to retain Manohara in the evelvator.

Manohara tried to contact the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore for help, but was refused because there were no Indonesian embassy officials present on a Sunday.

As her father is a US citizen, she then attempted to contact US Embassy instead and was successful in procuring their immediate assistance. Her mother was able to follow the commotion in the hotel and find her daughter on the third floor of the hotel. Under diplomatic protection,

Manohara reached Changi Airport and finally succeeded in returning to Indonesia with her mother. At a TV press conference on the 31 of May 2009, Manohara confirmed her mother’s allegations that her husband, Tengku Fakhry, had abused her both emotionally and physically, and stated that she would not return to Kelantan, also expressing her willingness to file for divorce from Tengku Fakhry.

Manohara was only 16 at the time of her wedding and her American father, Reiner Pinot Noack, was said to have disapproved of the marriage.

The seemingly blissful life of a Malaysian princess soon became a living hell, Manohara said, as she was constantly guarded and spent most of her time in her bedroom in the palace. The teenager whose fairy-tale wedding impressed the Indonesian public said she would be tortured  if she did not appear to be happy when she attended social functions with Fakhry


1 Response to “Manohara medical report: Serious marks of abuses – with More PHOTOS”

  1. 1 jean
    July 11, 2009 at 3:17 pm

    Jika benarlah apa yang telah berlaku dengan Manohara ini memang sangat menyedihkan dan tidak sepatutnya berlaku. Apa pun biarlah perselisihan rumahtangga ini diselesaikan dengan sebaik-baiknya. Semuga Tuhan sentiasa melindungi orang yang teranaiya dan menunjukkan apa sebenar-benrnya yang berlaku kepada masyarakat..Sebagai manusia biasa kita tidak boleh menyalahkan mana-mana pihak secara melulu.. Serahkan kepada Tuhan untuk menegakan keadilan dan memperlihatkan kebenaran..Amin.

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