Fakhry angered Manohara exposed breasts


Prince Fakhry is said to be angered that his estranged wife Manohara Odelia Pinot exposed her body parts to the world.

The prince made his views known to Manohara through the blog of a misterious spokesman on toughlane.blogspot.com on Friday. Sources in Jakarta believe the ‘misterious’ blogger could be the prince or one of his many ‘spokesmen’ who interfered in the affair so far.

Tengku Tumenggung Muhammad Fakhry apparently showed his disgust and dissaproval of the actions of Manohara, and made a police report against the popular wife in a Malaysian police station.

Manohara retorted that the police report against her and her mother made by the embattled husband from the Royal family of Kelantan, a state in Malaysia, showed the prince was panicking. The Indonesian beauty is reportedly sick, having a fever and was forced to remain home for the whole of Thursday.

Manohara’s spokespersons said to the Indonesian press that the beauty may travel to Malaysia to respond to the Police report made by Tengku Fakhry at the Dang Wangi police station in Kuala Lumpur. But they say Manohara and her family will only travel if she will be safe and no one will try to kidnap her or harm her during the visit.


“Not only did the prince get to see the private and sensitive parts of Manohara’s body, many other people were lucky to have seen them too. Manohara has no shame to expose herself and let others see her sensitive parts which are supposed to be seen by the husband alone. Manohara must remember that she is still the wife of a prince (legitimate wife) and it is haram for her to expose herself so that other people see her sensitive parts.” said the blogger.

The blogger warned that the prince had the right to sue anyone who exposed the pictures of Manohara in her sensitivity as this is illicit and the publishers and so on could be charged for doing so without the consent of the prince, said the blog.

“Indeed the Tengku will never allow any one else to see the ‘fair’ and ‘plum’ body of his wife. This is the reason why so many people, including the Laskar Merah Puteh, like to be near to Manohara.” added the blogger, surely indicating they liked to see her body exposed.

Manohara’s entourage said they will ask the assistance of the US Embassy at Jakarta in the case against launched against the Prince since Manohara is an American citizen altogether.


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  1. 1 me
    June 13, 2009 at 9:58 am

    she’s crazy.

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