UPDATED -The Manohara story: From rape in Lombok to Jakarta courts a huge battle looms


Coming soon…a feature story on the Manohara saga with Prince Fakhry. Click back on this link to read the article.

At the beginning of the affair with the revelations by the mother of Manohara, Daesy Fajarina, World Future Online published an article that mentioned the value of the money that was ‘agreed’ upon between Manohara’s mother and the Kelantan Royal family.

Some sources say it is half a million Ringgit Malaysia, other sources say it is cash on delivery but whatever the truth is, the Manohara Odelia Pinot and Tengku Muhammad Fakhri spat and trial by media is about money after all. We tell you a story that has been buried by the news of abuse.

Monohara, the high flying rising star in the Indonesian socialite club – which is filled with pretty, famous and daring ladies of a young age – could have married any hot shot male from the US, Indonesia or even France. When she decided to marry the prince, it was for love but behind the scene, the mother was negotiating the better deal from the Kelantan Royal family.

The entire story, the spat between the two lovers and the current divorce case coupled with the allegations and evidence of abuses against the young Indonesian teen who is still 17 and has risen to stardom in a rocketing manner!.

To understand the issue in a rational mind is to put aside the euphoria and the excitement of the news that Manohara alone has the capacity to generate these days. Her image, her stories and anything to do with her is now a hit on World Future Online. This however will not force us to hide any side of the story and with this feature story on Manohara, the star performer on World Future’s website http://wfol.tv , we explain the real underlining of the Manohara versus Prince Fakhri story.

Many of our readers, followers of World Future Online and followers of Manohara too, keep asking us what are the underlining truth in the entire story. Until today, there are skeptics in Malaysia which is the country where we draw most of our hits. It must be mentioned here that World Future has a large Malaysian following and we understand the skepticism that many of them express in their comments on the website and emails to us.

Manohara, named one of Indonesia’s 100 Precious Women by Harper’s Bazaar magazine, was 16 when she married Tengku Temenggong Muhammad Fakhry, a prince of Kelantan, on Aug. 26 last year in an Islamic ceremony at the prince’s palace.

Daisy said her daughter, then 14, met the prince at a gala dinner hosted by then Deputy Prime
Minister Najib Tun Razak in Malaysia. “The prince came to me and asked my permission to be friends with Manohara,” she said.

The first thing the readers must see in the Manohara story is the consistency of the Indonesian teen’s statements. She has maintained that she was unhappy in the marriage, she was abused, she was caged and became the ‘object’ of what she calls a megalomaniac person. However shocking and far reaching the story was, it caught fire with the Indonesian media and public.

It must be mentioned here that Manohara rose to stardom even before story of abuses came out in the public space. Her wedding with the Prince was even showed on a TV channel and was widely commented upon in blogs. In Indonesia, blogs and online media (websites) are a plenty and they are even more popular than the printed press. Many of the stories that are published – professionally and with a lot of journalistic style – on blogs and online media are trusted by the public at large. This to prove that ‘citizen’ journalism is Indonesia is thriving unlike Malaysia for example.

At the beginning of the affair with the revelations by the mother of Manohara, Daesy Fajarina, World Future Online published an article that mentioned the value of the money that was ‘agreed’ upon between Manohara’s mother and the Kelantan Royal family.

According to Daesy Fajarina, the Kelantan family had planned the wedding of her daughter with the Prince without the knowledge of the entourage of Manohara. This was disclosed to them during the very first visit of Daesy Fajarina and her daughters to the Kelantan Palace where they were received with honors. The negotiations before the wedding ceremony centered on the actual situation between the two lovers. Manohara had claimed that she was raped by the prince. Later on this week itself, Manohara disclosed the rape took place in Lombok, which is located in the West Nusa Tenggara province and is a sort of gorgeous place for lovers, romance and surely honey moons.

Obviously both Manohara and the Prince were at Lombok, according to Manohara’s statement, and the prince forced himself upon her. This will be her official version in the upcoming case that may take place in Jakarta with the intense pressure being put on the local judiciary to pursue the case against the Malaysian prince. Manohara even revealed this week that the prince raped her with such strength that her private parts were torn apart in an out of the ordinary manner and this seems to be certified by the doctors who did the medical exams on Manohara.

It is following this rape, which was strongly condemned by the mother of Manohara, that the wedding was arranged by the Royal family if we are to follow the chronology of events. In a press statement in April this year, Daesy Fajarina said she was given the assurance by the prince that he will not attempt at violating the modesty of her daughter and with this guarantee, it appears that the Daesy allowed her daughter to go to Lombok with Fakhry.

In the same press statement, Daesy accused Fakhry of raping her daughter and of that incident being the reason why she agreed that Manohara will be married to Fakhry, as planned by the Kelantan Royals during her visit to Kelantan. And it is for this reason that Daesy demanded a large sum of money from the Kelantan Royal family – maybe as form of ‘blood’ money. We know this information due to the statements made by a certain ‘spokesperson’ of the Royal family in Indonesia named Mohamad Soberi.


3 Responses to “UPDATED -The Manohara story: From rape in Lombok to Jakarta courts a huge battle looms”

  1. 1 Sultan Idris
    June 16, 2009 at 8:08 am

    Looks like the PM of Malaysia loves playing “match” making by holding lavish parties so that 14 year old and 16 year old women can attend to cater to the prince and Sultans of Malaysia. That explains why some people believe that the pregnant Mongolian woman was murdered with C4 to hide the identity of the baby. Many speculate the baby is the PM’s.

  2. 2 DM listener
    August 5, 2009 at 1:39 am


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