Manohara given USD20k to shut up


In yet another revelation, Manohara Odelia Pinot claimed during a TV interview in Jakarta that unknown sources offered her US dollars 20,000 if she would shut her mouth up in her campaign against her husband, the Kelantan Prince.

While appearing on a show on the Metro TV, Manohara said she was approached by unknown sources to stop her media campaign against the prince and not to reveal anything further regarding her alleged bullying and manhandling at the hands of her husband.

The local press in Indonesia tried to confirm the information with Manohara’s mother who said she was not willing to discuss issues that are not of interest to her daughter’s well being.

Daesy Fajarina added that she was waiting for more infomation on who were the people who approached her daughter to give up the fight against the Kelantan prince. The mother also said only with the necessary information will it be able to denounce such offers.

She also said that she believed the offer was not made by the Kelantan family if they were made to her daughter as it would be from some ‘spokes persons’ or vague representatives of the family.

In the spat between the breaking away couple, the Kelantan Royal family has stood firmly by the prince but has never made any public comments. Only a few press releases were sent to the press either to deny some allegations or to urge the estranged wife of the prince to return to him.


Meanwhile, the Malaysian Minister of Defence warned the Indonesian press not to mix up the issues of Ambalat and of Manohara.

In a statement to The Star newspaper on Saturday 13/6/09 he said the two issues are not tied to each other as they were totally seperate issues. He also hoped the Indonesian press would not manipulate the issues by tying up Manohara to the Ambalat issue which could become a crisis between the two largely Muslim dominated nations.

“Many news media organizations have tied Manohara to the Ambalat issue,” he said, adding that the Indonesian media must not sensationalize the issues altogether.

Manohara was seen in a police transportation participating in anti-Malaysia rally in Jakarta last week. The rallly was organized at the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta and turned out to be rowdy with the huge crowd becoming more excited when Manohara appeared on the scene with her mother standing in the 4×4 vehicle.

Manohara had declared that she participated in the rallly in her capacity of an Indonesian national and an Indonesian youth who supported the position of Indonesia on the Ambalat issue.


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