Manohara sends evidence of rape to Indonesia police


Wfol.tv – Jakarta – Manohara Odelia Pinot, the Indonesian estranged wife of the Malaysian Prince Fakhry gave what she called ‘evidence’ of a rape that she alleged took place before she was married to the Kelantanese Prince.

The 17 year old woman also handed over to the Indonesian police other documents, pictures and evidence of the alleged attacks on her body by her embattled husband. Mano, as she is well known, was accompanied by her mother Daisy Fajarina and her body guard cum spokesperson Hotman Paris Hutapea. They went to the Jln Trunojoyo Police station in Jakarta South for a police examination, on Wednesday 16th, of both Manohara and her mother by the police officers on their claims against the Prince.

“The police are now studying the case from the begining of the ordeal of Manohara at the hands of Fakhry,” said Hotman who added that he believed the local police will give fair treatment to his protege Manohara. He said the police will issue a statement on the current investigation they are doing with the help of Manohara soon.

“We have also handed over to the police a copy of a ticket (plane ticket) dated 18th November 2007, the very date Manohara was raped,” said Hotman to the press in Jakarta.


Manohara took the opportunity to state that her actions today showed that she was always serious about the allegations she was making against Fakhry and that those who did not believe in her were wrong. “I am serious and this, today, proves that I am not playing around with these allegations from the begining,” she said.

Wearing boot and a black leather jacket that made her look more like a ‘movie’ star, Manohara added “This case is serious and I am optimistic on its settlement,”

On the other hand, in another press conference, the bubbly and pretty star said to the local press that she was an Indonesian citizen and that all the talks by some groups that she should be deported to Malaysia being the wife of a Malaysian prince were nonesense. “I am an Indonesian Citizen, this is my country thus no talk of deportation please,” she said with seriousness on her face.

Meanwhile, a shop in Bandung is making some profitable business on the rise of popularity of Manohara Odelia by selling a dish called ‘Ayam Goreng Manohara’ which the shop owner claims is the favorite dish of the rising star.

The dish is a hit with locals in Bandung to the extent that local newspapers have reported that the people believe it is truly Manohara’s special recipe.

“I am making 2 million Rupiah a day selling this most popular plate,” said Subur Setio, the shop owner who has readied his Manohara Menu with great expectations.


2 Responses to “Manohara sends evidence of rape to Indonesia police”

  1. 2 Halima
    June 25, 2009 at 2:27 pm

    If someone rape you………..Should you marry him?
    You should go to police , unless technical rape. In Malaysia if you sleep with some under 18 with her consent is considered technicall rape as she is under age.

    But long ago ,my mother married at 13 when my farther was 20!!!
    In old time there is no such thing as technical rape!!

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