Manohara Files: Prince threw model wife out of palace in divorce bid


WFOL.TV – Riau, Indonesia – 22 June 2009 – Denying that his wife was a sex slave, Prince Fakhry of Malaysia apparently kicked Manohara Odelia out of the Kelantan palace in a bid to divorce her, said a palace source.

The family has also appointed a lawyer to press charges against the estranged wife of the member of the Malaysian Royal family for the sensational allegations made against the relatively silent prince. The prince denied all the claims he mistreated the teenage wife and treated her like a sex slave during their year-long marriage.

There has been no confirmation that Manohara was actually kicked out of the house with the prince seriously considering divorcing her or that this instance had sparked the allegations made by Manohara. The motive of Manohara is clear though: She want to be divorced from the embattled husband and said she did not want any compensation, rebutting the royal family’s claim that she was after monetary gains.

The 31 year old Kelantan royal has filed a police report against his 17 year old wife and her mother Daisy Fajarina, claiming they made ‘false allegations’ about the year long marriage to the Indonesian mode. The model has however submitted several pieces of evidence, including pictures taken on a ‘black berry’ mobile phone in Kelantan showing slash wounds on her breasts and other abuse marks including cigarette burns on her forehead, arms and legs.

A source close to Manohara said the pictures are not fake as claimed by some spokesperson close to the prince. Emails stating Manohara’s statements and allegations were fake have been in circulation in Malaysia clearly in an attempt to reverse the thinking of the locals in who is right and wrong in this contemptous affair that broke out 3 months ago. Since then, Manohara has risen into a super star in the local media in indonesia and has been courted by the music and entertainment industry to take up roles in movies or to act for some causes in the country. One of the cause that was immediately adopted by the Manohara camp is the Ambalat region which has seen a geo-political confrontation between Malaysia and Indonesia.

Manohara “escaped” her marriage and returned to Indonesia last month, where she told the media she had been held captive and treated as a sex slave.

She claimed she was slashed with a razor, raped, tortured and injected with tranquilisers whenever she complained.

Manohara’s mother Daisy has come out in support of her daughter, blaming the Malaysian and Indonesian governments for trying to cover up the alleged abuse.

Fakhry’s lawyer Mohamed Haaziq said the prince was outraged by the women’s claims and is considering suing Manohara and her family for defamation.

Haaziq said: “The prince categorically denies each and every allegation. It’s his position, his dignity that are being tarnished.”

A palace source has also denied the claims, insisting Manohara was thrown out of the palace because Fakhry had decided to divorce her. Earlier, a spokesperson for the prince said to the Indonesian press that he did not intend to divorce Manohara and wanted her back to Kelantan since he loved her very much still.

Detiknews reports that Manohara Odelia Pinot together with her family members have appointed a Malaysian lawyer, Mohamed Zaini Mazlan to represent Manohara in her legal battle against Fakhry and the rest. Manohara and family members want to bring Fakhry to justice for the various abuses he had inflicted upon Manohara.

“Today the family of Manohara officially introduces the Malaysian lawyer,” says Hotman Paris Hutapea, the Indonesian lawyer representing Manohara’s legal matters in Indonesia. He announced this at Grand Hyatt Hotel in Central Jakarta last night.


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