Zulkifli Nordin: Mujahideen, not ‘pengebom mahabodoh’


I was perpelexed to read a letter written by one Sue Thomas published in the STAR today 29 Jamadil Akhir 1430/ 23 June 2009 at page N41.

She ridiculed the Malay term of suicide bomber as “pengebom berani mati” or “brave courageous bomber” as “giving them a heroic connotation to such a cowardly and despicable act”.

Obviously she is referring to the Muslim “brave bombers” as she asked “I wonder if it is similarly treated in Arabic as well”.

She even suggested an alternative degrading term of “pengebom pengecut” or “pengebom mahabodoh”. She even called for others to give suggestion of a more degrading term.

For your information Sue Thomas, in arabic they are called “Mujahidin as syahid” or “martyrs”. And that is precisely what they are!

I think Sue Thomas may have been writing her piece in a aircondition room with soothing musical background with her teenage daughters and sons safe in their comfortable rooms, maybe even her mother was downstairs making western breakfast of toast with scrambled egg. Oh yes, not to forget her husband maybe busy putting on his Versace necktie and off to work in his brandnew Camry somewhere in this cosmopolitan city of Kuala Lumpur.

I wonder if any sane person would be writing the same thing if she were to see before her very eyes the infidel troop bulldozed through her little castle with armoured tank and busted her house, ripped her teenage daughter’s clothes and gang-raped her,  and after sperming her off, put their M16 submachine gun into her and pumped few bullets inside her, just to ensure no evidence left. Then when her son tried to help his naked and traumatised sister, the barbaric infidel slit his throat and kick his dead face with their heavy boots. And the husband rushing home to help were asked to bow and with a gun pointing to his head pleading for mercy only to be shot twice at the temple. Not enough with that, they brought along the mother and gang raped her, then slit open her stomach with their razor sharp bayonet. The only person they spare is the wife, even then only after gang raping her for few rounds and making sure enough supply is given to make sure she carry their bastard embryo.
Oh yes, one more thing, before they left, they sprayed hail of bullets on those beloved dead bodies of the family, just to make sure they are really dead. And to give them the final farewell, they blasted your little castle to pieces and burn it down to ashes.
And what happen to the infidel culprit..absolutely nothing. They even celebrated it with beer and wine. And they may even be awarded with a purple heart medal for their brave and dangerous mission to protect the citizen of their home country who lives thousand of miles away from the place of their atrocities.
And that Sue Thomas is not a fiction, but real life stories that happen daily to the Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechen, Kashmir, Southern Thai, Mindanao, Palestine and whole lot of other places.
I am sure if that happen to any sane person, he/ she would not only be more than happy to be “pengebom pengecut”, I think he/ she would be honored to die as “pengebom mahabodoh”. And I don’t know what he/ she will do to those who labelled him/ her as “pengecut” or “mahabodoh”.

And that Sue Thomas is what drives these little unnamed people to be “pengebom berani mati”, and be honored as a “As-syahid” or “martyr”.

Zulkifli Bin Noordin
Ahli Parlimen
Kulim Bandar Bharu


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