The heart of Nik Aziz


PAS (Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party) – Party Islam SeMalaysia.

PAS is an Islamic party by choice based on their name, and a Malay-dominated party by circumstances as MAJORITY of the Muslim in our country are our Malay brothers and sisters.
By Tohkong Mosjid

UMNO (United Malays National Organization) – Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu
UMNO is a Malay party by choice based on their name, and a Muslim-dominated party by circumstances because ALL of our Malay brothers and sisters in our country are Muslim.
To Tuan Guru Nik Aziz, PAS is never a Malay party. PAS is never about race. PAS is about the struggle for Islam. ‘RACE’ word was never supposed to exist in PAS dictionary. PAS is colour-blind to skin colour. PAS is a party for all Muslims and non-Muslims are free to practice their own religion without hassle. PAS is about equality, helping the poor and needy, clean and humble. This is Nik Aziz’s version of PAS. This is the PAS he has been fighting his life for to be accepted by all Malaysians.
How many members of PAS shared Nik Aziz’s version of PAS? Few I would say. Do you know why Nik Aziz preferred to have a Chinese-Muslim to replace him as Menteri Besar of Kelantan? He is trying to send a strong message to all that PAS is an Islamic party and not a Malay party.
PAS is different from UMNO, in fact they supposed to be very different from UMNO. Unfortunately, in PAS, many of its members seem to think PAS is just another Malay party like UMNO. This is why Nik Aziz is so angry about the idea of unity government raised by its own President.
Nik Aziz is a seasoned politician. He sensed trouble when the idea of unity government idea was being welcomed by UMNO. How can your enemies of 52 years suddenly wants to be your friend in the name of Malay and Islam unity?
To Nik Aziz, what is Malay unity? PAS is never about Malay because PAS is Pan Malaysian Islamic Party. What is Islam unity? UMNO is never about Islam because UMNO is United Malays National Organization. There’s nothing to be united on, because to Nik Aziz’s believe, Malay and Islam is a different subject all together. There’s no common ground to talk about.
Nik Aziz was agitated by the way UMNO was manipulating the unity issues in their effort to turn the tide on PAS good public’s perception. That’s why he had to stop the bleeding when his own deputy president was seen singing the same tune as UMNO. Nik Aziz saw through the plot. His harsh statement on Nasharuddin was not an easy one to make. It takes a lot courage and wisdom to play such a move to save PAS from falling back to its old status. With its President, Deputy President and Secretary General are being painted as UMNO agent, Nik Aziz has no choice but to step in decisively and fast.
Nik Aziz knows in politics, your enemy wins by being able to turn the public’s perception away from you. UMNO has gained the upper hand because PAS’s top leadership now suffers from bad public’s perception because of this unity government talk. Regardless of whether their leaders were sincere and noble in their move or not, you lost the war when you lose the public’s trust. Now PAS is merely surviving on Nik Aziz’s clean image. If nothing is done in the next 3 years, we can be sure that PAS will return to its 2003 status.
Once labelled as an ultra-conservative figure, Nik Aziz together with PAS has finally turn the tide on public’s perception against them after 50 years in politics. To him, PAS’s future is everything he cares for. All his works, words and decisions, although sometimes painful and hurtful, is always in the best interest of PAS.
PAS has taken 52 years to come to this stage, Nik Aziz just can’t let it be ruin in months because his party leaders were no smart enough to smell the trap. Nik Aziz remembered very well how Bukit Gantang’s election was won, it was through the support of a diversified voters. Now he has to find a way to repair the image of its top 3 leaders before the next general election.
Let just hope time is on his side because right now, no one in PAS can repair the damage to its public image that was self-inflicted besides Nik Aziz.


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