Molest, incest and a murky political scene


Malaysia is going through a hard time. It is even harder now with the murky, dirty and corrupt political scenery in the country, which is my country of adoption and the place where I ’emigrated’ or in ‘Arabic’ performed a ‘hijra’ some 18 years ago.

To the regular visitors of World Futures Online (Wfol.tv), we have refrained from reporting on Malaysian politics, which brings a lot of hits to our website indeed; due to the dirt that has become more thicker and slippery altogether in the political landscape of this country.

Let me put it this way: for the independent Malaysia to be forced to hold a ‘Royal Comission of Enquiry’ on a political aide’s death – by plunging or by foul play – is indicative of a certain degree of mistrust. Politically speaking, Malaysia is said to be of little worth by many foreigners who lives in the country and also by those who are outside the country. Oh, we are not getting involved in the political debate and this ban – self ban – will be upheld here today.

On the other hand, I cannot stop noticing the degradation of the social standards and the moral standards of Malaysia. Remember, this is my country of adoption and if I am taken to task by some readers and so on for saying anything about this degradation, then so be it. I have the absolute right to raise this issue here and I wish many people read what I am going to say on the social degradation which is becoming of ‘International’ disrepute for Malaysia.

Behind the murky and dirty political scenery in Malaysia, I noticed the number of cases of molest, rapes, incest and abuses. From maid abuse to the raping of one’s own daughter (as reported by the New Straits Times today), the situation is not getting any better.

Since I do not buy local newspapers, I browse for news online and today’s New Straits Times (NST) is no different from other days. Incest, molest features among the local news. In the Star newspaper, it is also like any other day with molest, porn and other immoral acts being reported in the local page.

That is normal, it is the daily lot of stuffs, I was told by a close friend. My friend, a collaborator to World Futures Online told me that if the newspapers do not report on these stuffs, and if their websites fail to report on such stuffs, they will get lesser hits, lesser sales. Well, that is not my concern. What I am worried about is the sense of ease showed by most Malaysians over the issues of molest, abuse of modesty and rape or incest.

I know for sure such stories are hot sellers and brings lots of hits even to Wfol.tv. What I am worried about is that the entire nation seems taken into the grip of yet another evil: Racism. The racist slurs, racist comments – even from a person like Tun Mahathir Mohamad who is supposed to be a statesman for Allah’s sake! – has sent this nation into a different dimension. So much so that if a Malay is molested by a Malay and is reported by the local press, it is the entire Malay-Muslim community in Malysia ( I am Muslim and forms part of the Muslim community here) that is blamed for such evil acts.

If it is a ‘chinese’ or an ‘Indian’ citizen and the more so, if it is a ‘foreign national’ who is molested, then the Malays-Muslims feel it is none of their concerns. On the other hand, when a seemingly ‘Chinese’ lady is molested when she went for H1N1 test, the news was a hit on Wfol.tv but for the wrong reasons. The readers mostly, wanted to know ‘how’ she got molested! The readers wanted the ‘graphic’ description of the ‘doctors’ hand fondling the lady perhaps. They miss the point though and the point here is that when Wfol.tv reports on such stuffs, it is not for the fun of it but for the fact that action has to be taken and that there is the need to break away from the daily political, racial slurs and bickerings to address the real social and moral issues from which this nation is being plagued with.

Now the true stories:

Molest: A form four student claimed she was molested by a stranger behind some bushes near her home at Sungai Ular, Cherating, here on Wednesday.

The 16-year-old was walking to a bus stop from her house here to wait for her school bus when a stranger who was trailing her pulled her into the bushes and molested her.

When she put up a struggle he became annoyed and brandished a Rambo knife. He threatened her to co-operate by placing it on her neck.

Rape: Breaking her silence, a 14-year-old girl told police on Wednesday that she was raped by her father more than 60 times over the past eight months.

Hilir Perak acting Criminal Investigation Department chief Assistant Superintendent Chan Kuang Yu said the girl, the second of six children, said her 50-year-old father raped her twice a week.

He said the girl lodged a report at the Hutan Melintang police station, claiming her father raped her for the first time at their home in November, and since then, would regularly take her to a shop or a nearby oil palm plantation, usually at night, to repeat the act.

Porn: A group of pupils from a primary school in Gong Badak here have been caught misusing electronic textbooks (e-books) to download and store pornographic material.

They would access such materials, store them at home and bring them to school where the group would view them together.

My son is a teenager (he is 12 but he says he is already a teen) and he goes to a Malaysian government school where at times, he feels he is not a Malaysian at all being treated like an ‘others’. He narrated the story of a 12 year old girl from his school who escaped ‘abduction’ in Taman Kosas. The story was narrated to him by teachers who told the entire class that pupils had to be careful when they are alone on the streets.

The girl apparently escaped from the ‘abductor’ while walking towards a condominium where the ‘abductor’ wanted her to follow him. “She ran away when she saw a few people coming on the street.” said my son.

Friends stories: Some of my friends, lady friends, have narrated how they were molested at work, in the office or while traveling with ‘male’ colleagues on missions for the company or the government department. Another friend reported molest by someone in the music industry and others by ‘friends’ or chatter friends at ‘Karaoke’ and I was even told of a few rape cases during ‘Karaoke’ sessions.

These are stories told to me as a confident of these people – locals and mostly Malay-Muslims – who are my friends. I would not know how much of these stories are true, not that I doubt them friends but then being a journalist for 30 years, I have to get a police report in my hand to believe the allegations. Nevertheless, the stories of molest, abuses and rapes are numerous. While they are not a uniquely ‘Malaysian’ affair, one cannot but feel aghast by the number of press reports of such happenings in Malaysia,.

Raped sixty times and over a period of 8 months? She remained silent and her silence is the reason for the long period of abuse and for the number of times she was abused.

I will never understand how a father rapes a daughter. The idea of it is too ‘freudian’ to me and not compatible to my moral standards. Raping one’s own daughter or sister or mother – and I even read about an incest case in Kelantan between a mother and a son – and this sends a cold shiver through my spine. Malaysia is deteriorating further and nothing is done to stop this surge in the ills and evils that has conquered its people.

This is all mind blowing and heart aching and when one look back into the newspapers and see the racist slurs, the political bickering and the number of corrupt cases and violent cases on the rise in Malaysia, it is time to stop and ask the question: When will this all end and when will the authorities inject some moral standards or new educational standards and norms in the social system.

What I can say is that if the death of a political aide need a Royal Comission of Enquiry then the system is going the wrong way. And in all this brouhaha over racial issues, murder cases and the political implications of everything newsworthy, girls are being molested, raped and abducted with ‘Rambo’ knives indicating further degradation of the moral standards in such a lovely country where I was told many lovely people are living…

There is a moral degradation and it is noted too by the local press but as a journalist, I know for a fact that only a fraction of such abductions like the one in Cherating (in which the girl is allowed to go after being molested), rapes and cases of incest etc are reported to the police. It is also true that only a fraction of these police reports are reported by the local press altogether.

What is needed here is a Royal Comission of Enquiry (RCE) or a Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) that will include both the government and opposition law makers to investigate why Malaysia is falling prey to far too many illicit (to Islam standards) and immoral standards. The PSC or RCE would also be responsible to look into the ‘education’ system and the ‘family’ morals in order to decide on steps that would be implemented to stop the rise of such deliquencies in this beloved country.


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