What would CSI have said?

By Dannis Ng


I do believe TBH’s body was placed there and the rest was made to look like he exited the windows, like everyone believes and exactly what “they” want you to believe.

TBH’s body was too far away from the building, about 20’ from the building. His left leg was at a 90 degree and straight. Only athletes can do that, not someone who was 30 years old and immediately from a fall unless he was face down/up and not on his side.

1) The blood should have formed a pool. Look at the water mark. They are in a circle surrounding the drainpipe in the middle of the 3’ x 3’ imprint. And look on the left side of the 3rd picture. The pool of water is contained in the 3′x3′ imprint. Now look at how the blood flowed. It flowed for about 6′ (3′+3′). It’s too long and impossible to flow that far because the blood would have clotted by then.

2) My observation is that there are 2 patches of blood (or 1 patch in an L shape). One is parallel to the railing and the other is coming out from the mouth/nose. The one parallel doesn’t make sense. It should go towards the middle of the 3′x3′ imprint. It would make sense if the blood went to the left of the picture and at the same time moved toward the middle. Just like the rest of the water especially the pipe, is in the middle of the 3’x 3’ imprint. The other blood that is coming out from the mouth/nose is flowing slowly towards the middle and should not have flowed up to the corner of the imprint. It should begin to go left at the middle of the imprint just like the one parallel to the railing. It defies gravity.

3) Look at the fallen off shoe. It probably came from the direction where I think the body was brought from. 2 persons were carrying the body. The one who carried the legs was leading the one who carried the body. While in a rush, they dropped the shoe on the right and therefore the shoe was closer to the railing.

4) While carrying the body about the time the shoe dropped, the person who carried the torso somehow lowered/dropped his side. Therefore you have the first blood that was parallel to the railing. The 2nd blood stain flowed from the mouth/nose when the body was placed there. Both blood flows started to flow towards the middle of the imprint and the L shape was formed by combining these 2 patches of blood.

5) The body posture looked like he had been seated upright for some time. That would explain why his body was at a 90-degree angle and the legs were straight. Because of rigor mortis, the legs were somehow either pointing upward toward the sky or not touching the floor. One person had to lift the body by his coat to turn his body toward the building and therefore his shirt was lifted and shifted towards his left side. The bottom part on the right side of his shirt was also pushed up. That is consistent with where the body was coming from (coming from left of the picture where the shoe dropped off).

6) Unless his legs were heavier than his body, I would assume the head would go down first if his pants got caught. And if his pants did get caught, how did the body land horizontally even if it was a 9′-12′ drop. I would assume he dropped like a rock. You might say someone pushed him out. Then you have to assume the window would not shut/come down with the weight of the body after it got hooked and the latch broke and the body would continue to move away from the building. I do not believe the window could have been wide open and yet he got caught by the latch. It looks like a catch 20/20 here. To push far, you have to open the window wide. And to open the window wide, the pants would not have caught the latch which was 3’ away and above. And remember when the window is open, the latch should be pointing parallel to the building which makes it harder for the pants to get caught.

7) The torn pants have too big a hole to justify a single latch or contact. The latch was thrown from above to make it look like the pants broke it. I don’t think it’s that easy to tear pants. I would think his pants would have fallen off or it would have come loose a little or his belt would have broken. That was not the case in the picture. The large tear on his pants was due to the moving of the body from the 14th floor to the 5th floor. As I mentioned earlier, the person who carried the torso was either too weak or the body was too heavy. I suggest that TBH was killed much earlier when the body was in a seated position and the legs were along the floor. I suggest that while moving the body, they either dropped the body or scrapped his pants/bottom along the floor/stairs many times. The pounding and friction caused the large tear on his pants.

8) Below have all been mentioned:
a) No sound of impact
b) No one saw the body fall
c) No splash of blood
d) Body is on its side
e) No blood stains on the shirt
f) Body did not look like it had dropped from 9 storeys high

Everything was made to look like TBH jumped/fell from the window. I suspect TBH had been dead for quite some time and the body was at a 90 degree angle because he was in an upright seated position (or placed that way) with his feet on the floor and later he was moved to the 5 floor. From there, rigor set in and that is why his legs were at a 90 degree angle to his body. Because the perpetrators had done it in a rush, they had no time to straighten his body (or did not think to do so) and just threw his body there. Hence TBH’s body was on its side. There was no way they could put the body face-up or his legs/bottom would be pointing at the sky.


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