Is Hartal Perak on the horizon? 8/8/09 is D-Day by Haris Ibrahim


On 8th July, Malaysiakini reported that a committee of 25, known as the ‘Campaign to Dissolve the Perak State Assembly’ committee, had given an ultimatum to the backdoor BN Perak state government : dissolve the state assembly and call for fresh state elections in a month or face a day-long state-wide strike.

The plan, as I understand it, is that if the dissolution is not announced by 8th August, the committe, which hopes to have the concurrence of the Pakatan Rakyat parties, will declare a date when Perakians will be urged to stay at home and turn Perak into a ‘ghost state’ for one day.

Quoting Mohana Rani, a member of that committee, from the Malaysiakini report :

“We have given the BN state government until Aug 8 to dissolve the assembly and call for fresh elections, failing which we will harness the power of the people for a day-long state-wide strike…The strike will be the springboard for more of people-power actions to force the BN state government to heed the people’s wish…the courts may have determined the political direction and outlook by legalising BN’s rule, but Perakians on the whole are unhappy with the back-door entry of the coalition”.

Malaysianinsider reports today that from 7 o’clock this morning, police had barricaded the entrance to the Perak State Secretariat building.

The object of this police operation, it seems clear, was to prevent a meeting of the state assembly’s Rights and Privileges Committee, which PR claims is still the legal committee, to investigate into a complaint over the “illegal” appointment of BN’s new Speaker Datuk R. Ganesan, getting off the ground.

Looks to me like 8/8/09 will come and go and Zambry’s froggy-infested government will still be in the state driving seat.

So, good people of Perak, what say you?

You unhappy with the state of things?

Want to drive your point home where it hurts most, without exposing yourselves to risk on the streets with demos and what not?

You want your chance to stick two fingers up the nose of Najib’s BN that robbed you of the fruits of your vote last March?

Pakatan Rakyat?




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