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Utusan Melayu … or Ugutan Melayu?


Utusan Melayu is synonymous with Ketuanan Melayu, Tuntutan Melayu, Rasul Melayu, Kongres Melayu, Kesatuan Melayu, and other forms of glorified anomalies of the progressive Malay mind yearning to be free from the shackles of feudalism, superstition, and neo-feudalistic and urban-superstitious beliefs.

Azly Rahman

What is the function of a newspaper in a multicultural society? Is it to expand the mind of readers or to instill fear of others –or even of oneself?

Utusan Melayu (I am still familiar with this name rather than Utusan Malaysia) or the Malay Messenger has some good stuff to contribute to society but generally its and mission and vision is to build soul cages of the Malays. The mind of the Malay is warped, distorted, and archived into a realm of fear of itself and of others. Through the Malay language it brings thinking into a tabloidic dimension and relegates politics into a subject of advancing the backwardness of ultra-communalism.

Utusan Melayu is synonymous with Ketuanan Melayu, Tuntutan Melayu, Rasul Melayu, Kongres Melayu, Kesatuan Melayu, and other forms of glorified anomalies of the progressive Malay mind yearning to be free from the shackles of feudalism, superstition, and neo-feudalistic and urban-superstitious beliefs.

Utusan Melayu claims to be “Penyebar Fikiran Rakyat”. But does it expand the mind nor spread the message of peace of the Malays in relation to the much-needed marhaenism with other races?

By calling the Malays not to be “bachul” or “wimp” and to “bangkit” or to rise, the newspaper is showing its irrelevance and outdatedness of rhetoric. Tabloidic and tantric treatment of totalitarian thinking. The Malays are confused what these messages mean because they now have no reason to de-wimp themselves nor to rise. Against who? Are Malaysians not seeing the emergence, though with growing pains, of a two -party system that in which a multicultural coalition is gnawing the roots of ethnocentric-based political alliance that have survived on fear management?

Back to my confusion on the role of Utusan Melayu. On the idea of “kebaculan” and “kebangkitan” (wimpiness and wakefulness)

Perhaps there is a hidden message in all these. The call to de-wimp and rise is a call to arms against the few Malays in power that are using the media to create a false consciousness of who the real enemy is and what the real issue has been. Perhaps the call is to revolt against all forms of authoritarianism and totalitarianism that have made the Malays of these days carry an unpleasant name.

Perhaps the call is to rise against all kinds of organizations, paid or volunteer, that seems to advance the “rights of the Malays” and insist on keeping repressive intact to bludgeon others.

Is Utusan Melayu a threat to the advancement of the Malays? Is it still a popular tabloid that now uses threatening means to maintain readership? Or is it merely a continuation of a cultural transmission of fear and trembling, superstition and sensationalism, to get modern Malays to do shadowboxing/shadowpuppet play with bogeymen and bogeymen created from an old script of Ketuanan Melayu?

I do not know. But is it called Ugutan Melayu or Utusan Melayu?

While the opinion in the article is mine,
the comments are yours;
present them rationally and ethically.

H1N1: Fatalistic Attitude of Government Disappointing ….


I refer to the recent press statement by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin who stated that “Even if I am Health Minister, I cannot guarantee your safety” regarding the novel influenza, H1N1. The flu has thus far claimed 13 lives. Although it has a predilection for the infirm, immuno-compromised, in the pregnant and those with underlying diseases, the patients who have died thus far in Malaysia does not reflect this scenario.

The symptoms of novel H1N1 flu virus are similar to the symptoms of seasonal flu which include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue including diarrhea and vomiting. In seasonal flu, risk factors are similar except that in novel influenza H1N1, patients aged 65 and above appear to be protected. But as evidenced in Malaysia, H1N1 has killed patients in the age range of 6 to 51 years with the majority being less then 30 years old. This “common cold” kills. And it kills the young – meaning healthy young adults who generally take flu less seriously.

The DPM and the Health Ministry has taken this entire disease lightly, just like what they did with dengue. H1N1 had been festering in Mexico for probably months if not years as a result of poor hygienic standards and surveillance before it blew out in the open in April this year causing the country to shut down. By June it had killed 80 people with almost 80% of deaths being in the range of 20 to 50 years with most of the deaths being between ages 20-29 years. By July the death toll stood at 125.

The Mexicans at that point in time could not differentiate how many of these deaths were actually attributed to seasonal flu as compared to the novel H1N1. They really didn’t know what hit them in the beginning. But since then the WHO and CDC (Center for Disease Control, US) have stepped in and issued various guidelines to stop this virus in its tracks. Malaysia has the benefit of hindsight and must use it effectively.

In its latest bulletin, the CDC has clearly outlined the role of early diagnosis clinically and also with the help of Rapid Influenza Diagnostic Tests (RIDT) which have varying degrees of sensitivities but a high degree of specificity. These tests only tell you whether you have Influenza A or B. Period. It has it’s limitations but it helps the frontline doctor, the General Practitioner (GP), thus far largely ignored by the Ministry of Health, to come to a diagnosis as results are available within 30 minutes.

The CDC has issued a very common sense approach to treating the disease. If the test is positive and the patient’s symptoms don’t improve with usual anti-flu measures and there has been a history of contact and/or is at high risk, antivirals such as Tamiflu and Relenza which kill the bug are prescribed. If there is a need for additional testing then the far more accurate but expensive real-time reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (rRT-PCR) test for the virus is carried out.

But what we witness in Malaysia is an MOH policy where victims are to be sent to Government General Hospitals, specifically Sungai Buloh Hospital, based only on clinical suspicion. We would be no better than the Mexicans in April when they too didn’t have a clue as to whether it was seasonal or novel H1N1. Logistically, our government health infrastructure will not be able to handle the thousands of young, worried, flu patients who flock to emergency departments throughout the country wanting to know whether they have H1N1 when clearly testing by the Ministry’s IMR is limited to only 200 cases a day.

There are a lot of patients who are going to have their diagnoses missed who may develop the virus’s dreaded respiratory complications if this is allowed to carry on. The Ministry’s hospitals should be reserved for serious cases. Tan Sri Muhyiddin must re-look the Ministry’s policies and rein in the help of the thousands of GPs or Government Health Clinics to whom many of these patients first flock to. He has to quickly move now to make available at least the RIDTs and antiviral medication to these frontline doctors. Failure to respond effectively is going to cost this nation more deaths than it necessarily should.


Was Teoh Beng Hock killed upstairs rather than downstairs?

Was Teoh Beng Hock killed upstairs and then his body placed downstairs to make it appear like he jumped out of the window? Look at the two pictures below and see the difference. Judging by the photo of Tan Kian Chong, it appears like Teoh did not really fall but his body was placed there after he died.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Student Tan Kian Chong was found dead at the bottom of Apartmen Vista Angkasa in Kampung Kerinchi yesterday, suspected of falling down 16 floors. See the ‘mess’. And eyewitnesses said they heard an ‘explosion’ when his body hit the ground while his blood was splattered right up to the second floor of the building.

See how ‘clean’ Teoh’s death is.


Penting! Panduan dan Peta Laluan bagi peserta Himpunan Mansuhkan ISA 1 Ogos


“Himpunan Mansuhkan ISA pada 1 Ogos 2009 di Kuala Lumpur  bakal mencipta sejarahnya yang tersendiri selepas Himpunan Bersih dan PPSMI. Uniknya pada hari yang sama akan ada satu lagi himpunan lain yang Menyokong ISA.

Kami menjangkakan pelbagai kaum akan muncul, pelbagai ideologi akan hadir, pelbagai agama dan kepercayaan akan berhimpun untuk menyatakan pandangan mereka khususnya dalam mendesak Kerajaan Memansuhkan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA).

Oleh itu bagi melancarkan perhimpunan ini, pihak kami mengeluarkan satu garis panduan yang diharapkan dapat membantu anda dan kami diperingkat penganjur dalam memastikan perhimpunan ini dapat berjalan dengan lancar dan aman.

Perkara yang perlu anda bawa/sediakan

1. Kad pengenalan, lesen memandu, satu kad ATM sahaja.

2. Duit-maksimum RM 100 sahaja.

3. Memakai pakaian yang sopan-Baju berwarna Hitam/Merah-Sebaiknya ada logo Mansuhkan ISA

4. Setiap peserta diwajibkan memakai kasut.

5. Aksesori kempen-Button, riben, topi, kopiah arm band, bendera kecil, banner dan placard yang ada Logo atau Slogan Mansuhkan ISA boleh digunakan.

6. Bendera Malaysia atau negeri masing-masing.

7. Air mineral, sedikit makanan ringan atau gula-gula.

8. Sedikit garam-ia penting dan boleh dimakan sedikit (bukan sapu dimuka) bagi mengembalikan tenaga terutamanya jika Pihak Polis sembur air dari Water Canon atau Gas pemedih mata.

9. Kain tuala kecil basah untuk tutup mata dan hidung untuk elak terkena gas pemedih mata.

10. Digalakkan memakai penutup mulut dan hidung jenis N100 Respirator, N95 Respirator dan Surgical facemask untuk mengelak penularan wabak Influenza H1N1 dan juga menghindarkan sedutan gas pemedih mata yang melampau.

11. Jika anda mempunyai asma atau alahan sila bawa inhaler atau ubat sendiri.

12. Sila bawa beg plastik sampah kecil bagi mengelakkan anda membuang sampah merata-rata.

13. Sila bawa pen dan kertas (mini note pad) bagi mencatat nama dan no. pengenalan Polis atau perkara-perkara yang mencurigakan.

14. Jangan lupa bawa kamera, video cam atau handphone berkamera bagi merakamkan suasana himpunan – gambar-gambar atau klip video boleh dihantar kepada kami selepas himpunan di email Setiausaha GMI-enalini_elumalai@yahoo

.com untuk rekod dan disiarkan.

Perkara yang tidak dibenarkan

1. Jangan bawa kad matrik pelajar bagi student atau pass kakitangan bagi pekerja Kerajaan dan Swasta.

2. Jangan bawa terlalu banyak wang atau kad kreadit untuk elakkan penyeluk saku, tercicir atau hilang semasa perhimpunan atau ditahan.

3. Jangan memakai pakaian yang menjolok mata dan tidak sopan.

4. Jangan memakai selipar, kasut tumit tinggi atau sandal untuk memudahkan pergerakkan.

5. Jangan memakai kain atau skirt, digalakkan memakai seluar.

6. Jangan memakai barang kemas atau aksesori yang tiada kaitan dengan kempen mansuhkan ISA

7. Jangan bawa sebarang banner, placard, bendera yang melambangkan logo parti dan organisasi.

8. Sebarang slogan yang tiada kaitan dengan Kempen Mansuhkan ISA tidak dibenarkan.

9. Jangan bawa sebarang benda tajam kecuali pen.

10. Jangan bawa bahan-bahan yang boleh meletup atau mudah terbakar seperti, mancis, molotov *****tail dan mercun.

11. Tidak dibenarkan merokok semasa perhimpunan kerana akan menganggu orang lain.

12. Jangan bawa sebarang senjata seperti kayu, besi, rantai besi, pistol dan yang merbahaya.

13. Bagi yang membawa anak-anak, anda tidak dibenarkan membawa permainan yang berupa seperti senjata seperti pistol, senapang atau pisau mainan.

14. Jangan bawa anak-anak yang berumur 10 tahun ke bawah bagi mengelakkan sebarang masalah.

Perkara yang perlu anda lakukan sebelum perhimpunan

1. Servis kenderaan dan periksa peralatan yang perlu dibawa.

2. Jangan makan atau minum terlalu banyak sebelum perhimpunan.

3. Pastikan anda telah menunaikan ‘hajat’ sebelum memasuki perhimpunan.

4. Bagi yang Islam, Lakukanlah solat taubat dan hajat, semoga Allah berkati perhimpunan ini dan yang bukan Islam boleh berdoa mengikut ritual masing-masing.

5. Pastikan anda telah mengunci rumah atau meninggalkan pesanan-pesanan penting kepada keluarga atau jiran anda yang tidak pergi perhimpunan.

6. Maklumkan mereka tujuan anda keluar.

7. Maklumkan mereka nombor telefon sahabat lain yang bersama anda jika handphone anda tidak dapat dihubungi nanti.

8. Jangan lupa charge bateri handphone dan kamera.

9. Pastikan anda berniat kerana Allah (bagi yang muslim) sebelum keluar rumah.

10. Pastikan anda tahu arah tuju anda iaitu tempat berkumpul yang ditetapkan; Sogo, Masjid Jamek, atau Masjid Negara.

11. Pastikan anda datang awal untuk elakkan kesesakan jalan raya atau terpaksa berbaris panjang untuk beli tiket tren LRT atau Komuter.

12. Datang secara berkumpulan, jangan bersendirian.

13. Sekiranya perjalanan anda dihalang dari memasuki pusat bandar anda boleh meletakkan kenderaan dan berjalan kaki ke Sogo, Masjid Jamek, atau Masjid Negara (Jangan terus ke Istana Negara bersendirian).

14. Jangan memakai baju Mansuhkan ISA sebelum perhimpunan bermula.

Semasa perhimpunan dan perarakan

1. Berkumpul di tempat pertemuan yang ditetapkan (Sogo, Masjid Jamek, atau Masjid Negara) dan tunggu arahan dari Field Commander yang dilantik.

2. Ikutilah arahan dari Unit Amal atau Field Commander sepanjang program. Jangan pedulikan arahan lain tanpa merujuk kepada Field Commander.

3. Jangan berganjak dari tempat perhimpunan melainkan dengan arahan Field Commander.

4. Laporkan pada Unit Amal bertugas jika terlihat sesuatu yang mencurigakan.

5. Jangan tolak menolak sepanjang perhimpunan dan perarakan.

6. Elakkan mencerca, memaki hamun atau menunjukkan isyarat lucah semasa perhimpunan berlaku.

7. Raikan perhimpunan ini dengan aman dan harmoni.

8. Pastikan anda memberikan keutamaan laluan kepada kenderaan yang lalu lalang dan tidak melintas sesuka hati dijalanraya.

9. Pastikan anda memberikan keutamaan, membantu dan melindungi warga emas, orang kurang upaya atau kanak-kanak yang hadir bersama.

10. Maklumkan sahabat anda jika anda ingin keluar dari perhimpunan disebabkan hal kecemasan atau kerana ingin ke tandas bagi mengelakan masalah lain.

11. Pastikan anda dapat duduk semasa pimpinan berucap.

12. Pastikan anda tidak bersembang semasa pimpinan berucap kerana kemungkinan bunyi sound system akan tenggelam dengan suara ratusan ribu peserta.

13. Ikutilah laungan pimpinan jika perlu.

14. Pegang bendera Malaysia atau negeri anda sepanjang perarakan.

15. Jangan buang sampah merata-rata sepanjang perhimpunan. Masukan dalam beg plastik yang anda bawa.

16. Rakamkan suasana himpunan – gambar-gambar atau klip video boleh dihantar kepada kami selepas himpunan di email Setiausaha untuk rekod dan disiarkan.17. Kalau boleh rakamkan sekali wajah-wajah polis yang bertugas atau tragedi-tragedi penting seperti keganasan atau provokasi Polis jika ada.

Selepas perhimpunan

1. Pastikan anda bersurai secara perlahan-lahan dan dengan aman selepas diberikan arahan bersurai.

2. Pastikan sahabat atau saudara dan anak-anak anda ada bersama selepas perhimpunan. Jika tiada, sila datang ke Pejabat Agung PAS untuk membuat laporan dengan Unit Amal bertugas.

3. Jika ada sahabat atau saudara anda ditahan, jangan terus balik. Dapatkan maklumat di Pejabat Agung PAS atau ke Balai Polis berkaitan untuk bebaskan mereka.

4. Jangan tinggalkan apa-apa sampah ditempat perhimpunan. Pastikan semuanya dibuang ke tong sampah atau dibawa balik dan dibuang dirumah.

5. Berikan ucapan terima kasih kepada pasukan Keselamatan bertugas jika perhimpunan berjalan lancar.

6. Jangan lupa sebarkan gambar dan berita perhimpunan kepada semua sahabat-sahabat terutamanya yang tidak hadir. Segala info dan maklumat bolehlah diemailkan kepada kami di email Setiausaha

Apa anda perlu buat jika kumpulan Pro-ISA buat Provokasi

1. Jangan pedulikan mereka, diam dan teruskan mengikut arahan Field Commander Unit Amal.

2. Jangan menyahut provokasi mereka, jangan baling apa-apa, jangan tunjukkan isyarat apa-apa pada mereka. Anggap mereka tidak wujud pada hari berkenaan.

3. Jangan hampiri mereka.

4. Jika mereka bertindak agreasif secara tiba-tiba, tahan, jangan pukul tetapi serahkan mereka pada pihak Polis.

5. Jangan lupa buat laporan Polis terhadap mereka jika anda dicederakan atau diganggu.

6. Buat rakaman wajah-wajah mereka jika perlu.

Apa anda perlu buat jika polis buat provokasi dan serbuan

1. Jangan lari atau keluar dari perhimpunan melainkan dengan arahan pimpinan, anda akan mudah ditangkap jika keluar dahulu.

2. Jangan bersendirian, pastikan anda bergandingan tangan dan berdiri rapat-rapat bila polis acah nak buat serbuan atau tembakan water canon.

3. Duduk jika pimpinan arahkan.

4. Basahkan tuala anda dengan sedikit air, dan tekup dimuka bila gas pemedih mata dilepaskan. Basuh muka anda dengan air dan makan sedikit garam jika terkena air water canon berwarna kuning.

5. Jangan melawan atau cuba bertikam lidah dengan polis bila mereka provoke…hanya diamkan diri.

6. Ambil gambar mereka jika sempat.

7. Buat laporan Polis jika anda dikasari.

Apa yang anda perlu buat jika ditahan

1. Jangan banyak cakap dengan polis. Diamkan dan tenangkan diri.

2. Minta nama dan nombor polis yang menahan anda dan tanya dia sebab anda ditahan, seksyen berapa yang digunakan.

3. Berikan maklumat asas sahaja jika diminta seperti nama, no kad pengenalan, alamat rumah (berikan ikut alamat dalam IC sahaja).

4. Jika mereka tanya soal pekerjaan, jawap yang ringkas sahaja. Jangan bagi maklumat yang lengkap.

5. Bagi pelajar, jika mereka tanya anda masih belajar atau tidak, anda hanya perlu jawab “Masih tengah cari kerja” atau berikan jawapan lain yang sesuai. Elakkan mengaku sebagai student. Biar mereka siasat sendiri jika mereka perlukan maklumat lanjut. Jangan jawab soalan yang tidak perlu.

6. Bagi kakitangan Kerajaan jika mereka tanya tempat kerja anda, jawab ”Saya kerja swasta atau kerja sendiri”. Biar mereka siasat sendiri jika mereka perlukan maklumat lanjut. Jangan jawab soalan yang tidak perlu.

7. Minta berjumpa dengan peguam sebelum beri apa-apa keterangan. Peguam akan menunggu diluar balai jika anda ditahan.

8. Kalau boleh jangan beri terlalu banyak keterangan, anda hanya perlu jawab “saya akan bagi keterangan di Mahkamah sahaja”. Ingat! Apa yang anda cakap di Balai Polis boleh dijadikan bahan bukti di Mahkamah. Anda berhak untuk tidak memberikan sebarang keterangan kepada Polis melainkan di Mahkamah.

9. Semasa ditahan, jangan pedulikan provokasi polis atau jangan mudah cair bila mereka berlembut.

10. Pastikan anda ingat semua yang berlaku, termasuklah pegawai polis yang tahan dan soal siasat anda.

11. Jangan terlalu risau kerana, diluar balai telah disediakan orang-orang yang akan jamin dan bela anda.

Apa yang anda buat selepas dibebaskan

1. Pastikan semua barang-barang anda dikembalikan oleh Polis.

2. Buat pemeriksaan kesihatan jika ada kecederaan.

3. Buat laporan Polis jika anda dikasari semasa perhimpunan atau semasa ditahan.

4. Ceritakan dan rakamkan pada peguam dan media jika anda dianiaya polis.

5. Jangan lupa catatkan semua yang anda ingat bila balik ke rumah untuk memudahkan anda mengingatinya bila dibawa ke Mahkamah kelak.

6. Pastikan anda ingat dan ambil nombor perhubungan orang yang jamin anda dan juga peguam yang terlibat.

7. Serahkan pada peguam segala maklumat dan gambar yang anda ada tentang himpunan bagi memudahkan pembelaan.

8. Jangan lupa solat sunnat syukur selepas dibebaskan dan kembalilah bertemu dengan sahabat-sahabat seperjuangan.

9. Jangan menyepi dari perjuangan selepas melalui pengalaman ditangkap kerana itu secara semulajadi akan menyebabkan motivasi anda akan menjadi lemah dan anda akan rasa keseorangan.

10. Teruskan perjuangan bersama sahabat-sahabat lain.

11. Sesungguhnya anda akan rasa lebih hebat dan berani lagi selepas ditangkap kerana tidak semua orang berpeluang merasai apa yang anda lalui ketika ditahan.


1. Pihak kami tidak akan bertanggungjawab terhadap sebarang kesalahan atau pelanggaran undang-undang yang tidak ada kena mengena dengan perhimpunan ini.

2. Pihak kami tidak akan bertanggungjawab terhadap sebarang provokasi atau tindakan ganas yang dilakukan oleh mana-mana pihak secara berkumpulan atau individu.

3. Pihak kami tidak akan bertanggungjawab terhadap sebarang kecederaan yang disebabkan oleh kecuaian atau tindakan diluarkan arahan penganjur.

4. Pihak kami tidak akan bertanggungjawab ke atas sebarang penangkapan yang dibuat kerana pergaduhan atau aktiviti agreasif yang tiada kaitan dengan arahan himpunan ini

Secara keseluruhannya, kita berdoa semoga Perhimpunan ini dapat berjalan lancar tanpa adanya sebarang masalah atau tangkapan.

Kita berharap agar dengan sedikit usaha dan kehadiran kita ini akan dapat memberikan kesedaran kepada pihak Kerajaan dan memberikan laluan untuk Agong mempergunakan kuasa yang ada untuk memperbaiki kelemahan sistem perundangan negara kita.

Ingat, Himpunan Bersih dan PPSMI berjaya menyedarkan Kerajaan kerana kesungguhan rakyat. Maka, kini adalah masa untuk kita berjuang bersama untuk memansuhkan ISA.

Pastikan anda mengikuti arahan-arahan yang diberikan. Sebarang masalah anda boleh rujuk kepada Field Commander atau Unit Amal yang bertugas pada perhimpunan ini.

Ingatlah, peristiwa ini adalah peluang untuk anda sekali seumur hidup dan ianya akan kekal menjadi sejarah yang akan menjadi sebutan kepada anak cucu kita. Jangan lepaskan peluang untuk menjadi sebahagian dari sejarah ini.


Pergelutan MCA kian runcing

Oleh Lim Hong Siang, Merdeka Review
Minggu lalu, sementara kepiluan menyelubungi masyarakat Malaysia selepas pemergian Teoh Beng Hock, Menteri dan Timbalan Menteri MCA secara tiba-tibanya, telah menyatakan sokongan kepada Presiden MCA, Ong Tee Keat merangkap Menteri Pengangkutan, untuk menangani skandal Zon Bebas Pelabuhan Klang (PKFZ).
Kemudiannya, Timbalan Presiden MCA, Chua Soi Lek pula menyusul dengan kenyataan bahawa, “yang pentingnya, rakyat ingin tahu kebenaran”. Namun demikian, apa yang penting dalam kenyataan tersebut sebenarnya tidak kena-mengena dengan PKFZ. Sebaliknya, Chua Soi Lek menyelit maksud tersiratnya dalam ayat “rakyat tidak akan mengambil berat (terhadap kenyataan menyokong Ong)”.
“Saya yakin, selagi Presiden MCA melakukan sesuatu yang betul, semua ahli MCA akan menyokong beliau dengan sepenuhnya,” tambahnya sebagai kesimpulan dalam kenyataan tersebut. Kenyataan ringkas ini telah dihubungkait dengan “desas-desus” bahawa mereka yang tidak berpuas hati dalam MCA, bakal memanggil Mesyuarat Agung Luar Biasa (EGM) untuk menggulingkan Ong Tee Keat.
Sejarah pergelutan MCA
Ong Tee Keat, 53, berjaya mendaki ke puncak kuasa MCA selepas tsunami politik 8 Mac, 2008. Ong ketika menerajui Pemuda MCA dalam era pimpinan Ling Liong Sik, walaupun terkenal dengan imej “berani untuk bersuara” di kalangan masyarakat Cina, namun tidak meraih sokongan dari akar umbi MCA.
Pergelutan antara Pasukan A yang diterajui Ling Liong Sik, dan Pasukan B yang diwakili Lim Ah Lek melabuh tirai pada tahun 2003, setelah PM ketika itu Mahathir Mohamad mencampur tangan, supaya kedua-dua pemimpin tertinggi itu mengundur diri bersama. Jawatan tersebut diwarisi Ong Ka Ting dan Chan Kong Choy, lapisan pemimpin yang lebih muda daripada Chua Soi Lek (pasukan A) dan Chua Jui Meng (pasukan B).
Penyerahan kuasa yang diatur oleh Mahathir ini kemudiannya dibaca sebagai perangkap kepada MCA. Ong Ka Ting dan Chan Kong Choy dilihat sebagai “budak” dalam kabinet ketika itu kerana seniority yang terlalu rendah, jika dibandingkan dengan pemimpin UMNO, bahkan Lim Keng Aik, Presiden Gerakan (kini sudah bersara) dan Samy Vellu, Presiden MIC.
Malah, Ong Ka Ting dikatakan bercita-cita untuk mendirikan dinasti Ong, dengan melantik abangnya, Ong Ka Chuan sebagai Setiausaha Agung MCA. Tuduhan ini dipercayai ramai setelah menyaksikan “skandal seks Chua Soi Lek” yang terbongkar pada akhir tahun 2007, disusuli pula dengan pengumuman Chan Kong Choy untuk menarik diri dari pilihan raya umum, dalam sidang akhbar MCA untuk mengumumkan senarai calonnya.
Semua ini telah memberi gambaran seolah-olah wujudnya konspirasi untuk menjatuhkan musuh politik dalam parti, supaya memberi laluan kepada Ong Ka Chuan untuk mewarisi jawatan presiden MCA, selepas tempoh pimpinan adiknya sampai ke hadnya.
“Dinasti Ong” ditenggelami tsunami
Namun, manusia yang merancang, Tuhan yang takdirkan. Tsunami politik pada 8 Mac telah menghancurkan segala perancangan pemimpin MCA, seandainya wujud. Pemimpin seperti Donald Lim, Fu Ah Kiau dan sebagainya, ditenggelami ombak tsunami. Pemimpin seperti Chua Soi Lek dan Chua Jui Meng, tidak diturunkan ke gelanggang.
Ong Ka Ting berada di kedudukan seperti Abdullah Ahmad Badawi berada di dalam UMNO. Walaupun beliau menyatakan hajatnya untuk tidak menyandang jawatan menteri, sebagai bukti beliau tidak gila kuasa dan bertanggungjawab terhadap kekalahan MCA, namun tetap tidak diterima oleh sebahagian ahlinya.
Desakan demi desakan dihalakan kepada Ong Ka Ting, agar beliau berundur. Akhirnya beliau mengambil keputusan untuk tidak bertanding sebagai Presiden MCA, namun abangnya Ong Ka Chuan, mencuba nasib dengan memasuki gelanggang sebagai calon Timbalan Presiden.
Pertarungan “Imej”
Sementara itu, Chua Soi Lek walaupun mempunyai sokongan yang kukuh dari akar umbi, tetap teragak-agak ketika membuat pencaturan. Selepas dilanda tsunami politik, ahli dan perwakilan MCA menyedari bahawa mereka memerlukan seorang pemimpin yang berimej baik, supaya pengundi menaruh harapan semula kepada parti tersebut.
Namun, Chua Soi Lek (gambar kanan) yang melepasi umur 60 tahun ketika itu, dicalit pula dengan skandal seks, menjangka satu pertarungan sengit seandainya bertembung dengan Ong Tee Keat. Keadaan bertambah celaru apabila Chua Jui Meng mengambil keputusan untuk bertanding sebagai Presiden buat kali kedua.
Dalam perkiraan politik Chua Soi Lek, Chua Jui Meng yang masuk ke gelanggang telah menghakis kemungkinan Ong Tee Keat ditewaskan. Maka, Chua Soi Lek akhirnya mengambil keputusan untuk menguburkan nyawa politik Ong Ka Chuan, dengan bertanding sebagai Timbalan Presiden.
Pergelutan berterusan
Ong Tee Keat walaupun sebelum pemilihan parti, enggan menamakan “pasukan” beliau, dengan mendakwa bahawa dirinya bersedia untuk bekerjasama dengan sesiapapun, tetap tidak senang apabila perwakilan mengundi Chua Soi Lek sebagai timbalannya.
Ong Tee Keat (gambar kanan) meneruskan serangannya terhadap Chua Soi Lek, dengan melabelkan Chua sebagai “politikus kitar-semula”, malah “tercalar” dengan skandal seks. Penyerangan dilakukan bertalu-talu, melalui ucapannya, malah kolumnya dalam Sin Chew Daily seketika dahulu. Chua Soi Lek yang terpilih dengan 1115 undi, tidak memperoleh sebarang tempat dalam kabinet baru, malah dipinggirkan dalam pembahagian jawatan dalam parti itu sendiri.
Tindakan Ong Tee Keat dianggap tidak menghormati keputusan perwakilan MCA, malah disindir sebagai “superman“, oleh Ketua Wanita MCA Negeri Sembilan, kerana memakai seluar dalam di luar, umpama membuka pekong di dada.
Chua dituduh meminjam “kuasa luar”
Di sebaliknya, Chua Soi Lek sebagai orang kedua dalam MCA, tidak diberikan apa-apa peranan khas, mula mengatur strateginya untuk mencari jalan keluar. Beliau telah menyebarkan khabar bahawa Pakatan Rakyat pernah menghubunginya, lantas berjaya memperolehi jawatan sebagai Ketua Penyelaras BN, dengan pejabatnya di PWTC.
Persengketaan antara Ong dengan Chua tidak berakhir di sini. Chua kemudiannya mengesahkan bahawa beliau dipanggil oleh Jawatankuasa Disiplin MCA, supaya menghadirkan diri pada 4 Ogos untuk memberi penjelasan berhubung video seksnya itu. Menurut laporan Malaysian Insider, Najib sangat marah atas kejadian tersebut, malah memanggil Ong Tee Keat yang mendakwa dirinya “tidak tahu apa-apa” untuk memberi penjelasan.
Sememangnya, pergelutan antara Ong dan Chua akan berterusan. Kisah bahawa Ong mendakwa dirinya diugut oleh kuasa “kongsi gelap” kerana pendedahan skandal PKFZ, dibalas pula dengan Chua yang mencadangkan supaya Ong membuat laporan polis, adalah antara babak dalam pergelutan kuasa dalaman MCA.
Titik kemuncak pertama dalam pergelutan ini berlaku ketika Chua Jui Meng (gambar kiri) membuat pengumuman untuk keluar parti. Chua Jui Meng walaupun bertanding menentang Ong Tee Keat pada pemilihan parti yang lalu, dilihat sudah berbaik dengan Ong Tee Keat. Chua Jui Meng sebelum meninggalkan MCA, telah menuduh Chua Soi Lek cuba mencelarukan keadaan dalam MCA.
Walaupun Chua Jui Meng menafikan bahawa beliau keluar parti disebabkan Chua Soi Lek, tetapi secara terus terang beliau meluahkan ketidakpuasan terhadap UMNO.
“Dalam permainan politik UMNO untuk mengimbangi antara satu sama lain, MCA dipecahkan kepada dua. Dalam keadaan sebegini, wujudnya satu puak yang pro-UMNO, dan satu lagi pasukan yang diberi mandat oleh perwakilan. Ini untuk memastikan MCA tidak menjadi untuh, lantas semakin berani (jika utuh),” ujarnya.
Sesetengah penganalisa politik membaca tindakan Chua Jui Meng itu sebagai mesej yang disampaikan oleh Ong Tee Keat kepada “kuasa luar” yang cuba mencampuri hal-ehwal MCA. Ini mungkin sebagai amaran bahawa pucuk pimpinan ini bersedia beralih haluan, sekiranya “kuasa luar” tetap mahu mencerobohi MCA.
Cuma, mungkinkah pergelutan yang bukan berpaksikan ideologi dan dasar politik ini, membuka lembaran baru dalam sejarah politik Malaysia?

Another DANAHARTA scam revealed

Is DANAHARTA a saviour or robber? How many pieces of property have DANAHARTA taken by force at way below market prices just to be sold to ‘middlemen’ at even lower prices so that they can make a huge profit. You will be surprised to discover how many millionaires and billionaires are created through DANAHARTA.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Tingkat 9, Bangunan Setia 1
15 Lorong Dungun, Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur

Attn: Encik Fadzlur Rahman Ebraheem

Dear Sirs,


I refer to your faxed letter dated 20th July 2009 with regards to the discussions on Marinara..

We are very disappointed that the discussions between us have come to nothing. If you had told me that you had already made up your mind on the matter I would not have bothered to discuss the matter at all.

1. Regretfully I do not agree with your contention that “MARINARA has been successfully sold and transferred to the new owner, Danaharta Hartanah Sdn Bhd”. It is a subsidiary of Danaharta and fully owned by Danaharta Nasional Bhd and also controlled by you. Clearly it is conflict of interest.The principal of both these companies is the Minister of Finance.

2. A sale of the property to one of Danaharta’s subsidiaries does not constitute a proper sale as Danaharta  are only custodians of the property which has to be returned to the rightful owner as soon as the shareholders are able to repay the sum owing. It was never the intention of the Danaharta Act to make profit in this manner. As such any surplus on a sale  should be returned to the owners. According to Danaharta’s Board decision made in 2002 it was decided as a matter of policy that there shall no longer be any sale to Danaharta’s subsidiaries but only direct sale to buyers be made as the chances of getting a higher sale price was found to be better.

3. The Danaharta Act clearly states the functions upon taking over a company to which you have not complied. You are supposed to act in the best interests of the shareholders but instead you have acted contrary to the Act. Selling well below the market value is also against decided cases and the Courts will frown on your action in doing so. You are well aware there are two  Court cases pending which has been fixed for trial. We are unable to withhold the legal actions at this stage and will leave it to the lawyers how best to handle these matters.

4. Your claim that we still owe you a sum of RM41.2 million is ridiculous. The fact that Danaharta bought both MARINA SDN BHD and PEKELILING TRIANGLE SDN BHD for only RM35 million should have some bearing on what you are claiming from us. You yourself stated that ” being a Government organization you should not be making profit” is certainly contrary to what you are saying in your letter.

5. Please bear in mind that Pekeliling Triangle Sdn Bhd’s loans were NOT A NON-PERFORMING LOAN at the time of vesting in Danaharta. As such the wrongful freezing of the accounts and the Project would result in our claiming for Liquidated and Ascertained Damages calculated at RM47,000 per day multiplied by 8 years would result in approximately RM 137 million payable by Danaharta and or it’s agents to all Pekeliling Triangle Sdn Bhd’s shareholders.

6. The alleged sale price of RM171million ( objected to by the shareholders right from the beginning) decided on private negotiations between you and the “Receiver” was exceptionally low as the market value by then was RM430 million as at that time the services were all functioning and rented out. There was sabotage and manipulation in the three “tenders”.

7. We deny that we still owe a further sum of RM41.2 million to you. Danaharta. purchased all the assets of Marina Sdn Bhd and Pekeliling Triangle Sdn Bhd for only RM35 million. At the time of acquisition by Danaharta the total sum owing by Pekeliling Triangle Sdn Bhd was only 59 million (37 million principal and RM22 million interest). As it was NOT A NON-PERFORMING LOAN  Danaharta cannot now charge any further interest during the period when Danaharta wrongly took over and froze all the assets since 2001 and refused to allow us to sell the building, contrary to the Loan Documents.

8. MARINA SDN BHD had completed the building at a cost of RM25 million and obtained the Certificate of Completion. In February 2006 a Sale and Purchase Agreement between Marina Sdn Bhd and Pekeliling Triangle Sdn Bhd  was made whereby the building was sold to Marina Sdn Bhd. The sum of RM25 million was agreed to be the deposit to be paid to Pekeliling Triangle Sdn Bhd as a consideration and were accepted by all the shareholders and Directors. You were informed at the meeting we had with you at your office in February 2006 and copies of the Agreement were sent to you and your lawyers. Marina Sdn Bhd was at all times willing and able to pay the balance owing to Danaharta and informed you of the intended redemption.

9. MARINA SDN BHD went to great effort to rent out the building to Embassies and Diplomats and high profile businesses and was already getting a good income. Without justification you instructed the “Receiver” Duar Tuan Kiat of Ernst & Young  to cut the Electricity and water knowing there were tenants in the building, and instructed them to take  out an Injunction against me knowing very well I had to be at the building to complete the final touches requested by DBKL for the issuance of the final Certificate of Completion. You even rang and threatened DBKL not to issue the Certificate of Completion.

10. The closing down of the building has caused irredeemable damage to the mechanical and electrical fittings and great loss and humiliation to the shareholders. The guards chased out all the tenants including the diplomats, Embassies and occupants without giving them due notice. Marina Sdn Bhd incurred great losses, damages and humiliation.

11. Your proposal of refurbishing the building at a budget of RM100 million is a sheer waste of good money as there is nothing wrong with the building or design done by a Gold Star Architect Dato Baharuddin Kassim. What you have to rectify is the damage and losses caused by the security guards in cutting the electric cables and stealing the electrical fittings and assets and jamming the electrical devices and lifts. They were employed as agent for Danaharta on your instructions. These should be rectified immediately

As such my counter proposal is that :

A) You  accept the  redemption sum of RM59 million as settlement . In consideration of that we are willing to waive claims of the LAD incurred for freezing the project for the last 8 years and to withdraw all legal actions.

b) To allow the shareholders to sell the building on an ‘as is basis” immediately as we already have ready buyers

I trust you will consider my proposal seriously and give an affirmative reply within one week from date hereof.

Thank you. WASSALAM.

Yours faithfully,

Hajjah Marina Yusoff,
for and on behalf of all the Directors and shareholders
of Pekeliling Triangle Sdn Bhd

c.c.1. Miinister of Finance I
2. Minister of Finance II


My appeal to all Malaysians

I therefore submit below my suggestions to start a silent protest against the BN government Perhaps readers can express their views and perhaps all concerned parties can take note.

Concerned Doctor

Our country Malaysia is saturated with disillusionment and disgust. People are tired of the government with its total misuse of the government institutions for its own vested interests. Our BN representatives, the various national institutions that includes, the police, the MACC, the judiciary have lost its moral and ethical duties towards the citizens. Nobody seems to be interested in the people’s welfare rather in their own interests inspite of knowing fully well that it is the people who are paying for the maintenance and upkeep of every single one of these institutions.

I therefore submit below my suggestions to start a silent protest against the BN government Perhaps readers can express their views and perhaps all concerned parties can take note.

  1. Ignore all BN MP’s in total. Don’t bother to greet them even if you meet them face to face. Treat them with disdain as if they did not exist. Don’t invite them for anything be it to a wedding, or a funeral or a birthday or for any formal functions.. If you happen to encounter a BN MP then just address them as Inche or Puan and not YB. Don’t even attempt to shake hands with them. What for ? Don’t soil your own hands.
  1. Start wearing black clothings at all times be it for a visit to the shopping centres, the pubs or entertainment outlets or to the offices for work. The BN government may pretend not to bother but there will come a time when they will begin to feel it, the people’s anger and distrust.
  1. Stop going to the police station to lodge any police reports. Instead you may want to go to the BN ADUN’S office and lodge the same report and let them handle the problem. Let us see if they will bother to act.
  1. Stop visiting any service outlets where they charge service charges as this is to go to the government coffers. If you go anywhere first ask if there are service charges involved. If there is then just walk out and go to those where they don’t charge any.
  1. Stop taking any loans from financial institutions that are allegedly involved with the Government or where any BN MP is involved. Or better still stop taking any loans altogether till the concerned financial institution sends the rakyat’s message to the government.
  1. Stop buying cars as we all know our cars are heavily taxed and these taxes goes to the government coffers. If possible start using cycles to work. At least then the government would know that something is not right. Right now we can all shout and scream but no one from the government seem to bother. When people begin to protest then all they do is to send in our police force funded by we the tax payers and harm us the protestors.
  1. If you want to travel overseas then stop using MAS. Instead use either AIR ASIA or any other airlines.
  1. If you want to buy petrol then stop using Petronas petrol. Use any other petrol stations.
  1. If you need to pay your utility bills like water/electricity or telephone then stop paying them promptly. Wait till the last day and then pay so that at least your utilities are not disconnected. Don’t let them enjoy your money in advance.
  1. Our comedy courts have turned out to be stooges of this comedy government. They have started using the judiciary to serve their vested interests. Perhaps Malaysians should stop using the judiciary for any intents and purposes. Lawyers should also start disusing the courts till the judicial wrongs are stopped. Till then start advising your clients not to use the courts as this has become the court of injustice. Read the next as to how the bar can help.
  1. The Malaysian bar should start their own parallel ‘mock’ judicial sessions. Let the mock sessions hear cases and the mock judge’s judgements could be used to embark on out of court settlements for their clients. Stop going to courts once and for all till it has been set in place for true justice for all. The bar council should seriously consider all avenues possible to stop the judicial rot before our comedy courts become a national ridicule. The bar council could also set up ‘mock’ sessions to conduct parallel court proceedings even where anwar’s sodomy charges are involved. Select some of the retired to act in these mock trials and let there by written judgements issued and let us see how it differs from the court’s judgment.
  1. Stop buying our newspapers that are exclusive government agents of disinformation. Use your own discretion and do what is right for the country. Stop advertising in any of these government controlled newspapers for any advertisements be it jobs or sale of properties or any intents and purposes. Start using neutral and unbiased web sites for advertising purposes. Malaysiakini or Malaysia-today could be a good options. Have you ever noticed that if you have a problem that is highlighted by MP’s or ADUN’S other than BN it will never be published by these papers patronized by the BN government. So the best is just ignore them. I saw this glaring observation when our community invited our MP who is from PKR to resolve a problem with the developers but not one newspaper reporter turned up except the Chinese press. The press conference was called by the MP himself but none turned up except the Chinese press. Why should we waste our money subscribing to these wretched newspapers month after month year after year when they have lost all journalistic ethics and decency.
  1. Stop viewing our local TV networks that are blatant government mouth pieces. Our business community should stop advertising their products or services through the local TV networks. They have become a sham media. What a shame.
  1. Stop wearing our national costumes for the present. Stop wearing batiks. Instead go for alternative costumes. All our Malay, Chinese and Indian brethren should be encouraged to do so. For all official functions simply stick to lounge suits. Why national costumes? Because when the BN government has shown total disrespect to anything Malaysian ie we the Malaysians then it is time we refrain from anything Malaysian till the BN recognizes the need for this inherent right to respect anything Malaysian.

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